Race Weekend Spotlight: End of Season Races

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Endurance Nation racing season has come to an end and we are thrilled with everyones performances. Congratulations to the team on a fantastic year filled with podium finishers, first timers, veterans, PR’s, lessons learned and memories across the board.

Ironman® Arizona 3rd Place Tri Club 46358 Points  — Special Congrats to: 

  • David Ware – 40AG M55-59
  • Dana Burns – 16AG W45-49
  • Jason Brandt – 30AG M40-44
  • Betsy Kantor- 8AG F55-59
  • William Lowe- 33AG M55-59
  • Heather Webber- 20AG F50-54

Ironman® Florida 1st Place Tri Club 45801 Points — Special Congrats to: 

  • Mike Roberts – 15thAG M45-49
  • Rich Stanbaugh- Completing his 3rd full distance race this season!
  • Ed Croucher – 20thAG M50-54

Ironman® Cozumel — Special Congrats to: 

  • Julie Pfeifle — 4AG F55-59
  • Rob Mohr — 1AG M25-29

Finally Endurance Nation is leading the global Ironman® Tri Club awards with 1,314,067 points…. (We will just leave those points right there until the official announcement is made)



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