March Volume Brings April Power

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It’s official — Endurance Nation has survived the desert of Arizona in our first Spring Volume Camp. It’s been a long time since we had a training camp, and it was AMAZING to meet old friends and make new ones as well.

We had 15 athletes at the camp, including Tim Cronk who helped with SAG on Mt Lemmon day. All told we rode 3 days and ran long on the last day of the camp. Most campers were able to log over 15 hours of training — a massive boost to their 2022 season base. Just as incredible, everyone was able to summit the 21 miles to the top of Mt Lemmon!

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There are many reasons why Team Endurance Nation is special, but one of the top choices has to be the incredible people. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed or trained so hard. I am looking forward to some recovery before heading into Mallorca Camp in just four weeks! Follow all the Camp and Event opportunities here:


Day One: Swim Bike Run Fun

One the first day of camp, most of our campers chose to swim early as a kick off for the experience. 

We regrouped at the hotel and sit out for our daily ride. We made some last minute modifications to ensure that athletes have the chance to explore both sides of Saguaro Park West. This included Gates Pass and its corollary just a little further north.

One group opted to go long, with a target of 84 miles. The other skipped the TT section saving their legs for the hills — they ended up with about 60 miles for the day. 

Here’s the route and information: 



Gates Pass Loop with Ajo TT Option

Day Two: Saguaro Park East

Second verse, opposite direction of the first! This time we headed eastward, towards Saguaro Park East. One of the crownjewel parks of the Tucson area, SPE is known for an 8-mile one way rollercoaster loop through the desert.  Yes, there is a $15 fee to enter on a bike, but then you just ride enough make it worth your while! 

Most campers did at least one loop, with five loops being the highest number we saw on our Strava Club page. The temps remained high today, and we arrived later as some campers still wanted to swim in the AM. 

Finishing the day with a quick run off the bike was no small task. Good thing the hotel outdoor pool was open! 


Saguaro Park East Route

Day Three: Mount Lemmon

On the third day we make our way over to tackle Mt Lemmon. There were two options for riders: climb only from the base of Mt Lemmon or ride from the Camp Hotel. 

Campers self-selected early, and be built our logistics plan according. Bonus – it worked! Everyone was able to climb Mt Lemmon and enjoy the views and the incredible descent. 

As you can see from our mid-ride picture, more than a few of us enjoyed a pitstop at the Cookie Cabin!

Mt Lemmon Madness

Day Four: Long Run Day

Due to different travel schedules, we opted for more of an independent set up. With a start time of 8am on the docket, campers self-selected into smaller groups. With fatigue high, some group mojo can really make these later sessions very powerful. It was “cooler” in the AM, with temps starting in the mid-60s before the sun rolled out to put the heat on those who didn’t want to leave Tucson! 

Thanks to everyone who attended; We hope to see you at a future event – race, camp, or world championships! 

Too Much Fun!

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