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It’s going to be hot, hot, hot at IronMan Texas, and Team EN has 25 athletes who are ready to rock it hardcore! The weather looks to be great, but isn’t it always? Endurance Nation is psyched to show The Woodlands what Team EN can do. Meet some of the tri-hards who are going to make it happen.

Roy-EzellRoy Ezell

Hi, my name is Roy Ezell and I’m a husband and proud father of three. I live in Woodbridge, Virginia, and have been a Marine for almost 22 years.  This will be my 4th iron distance event (3rd with EN) and my goals are to make good decisions, execute to my potential, and make it to the midnight finish line to cheer everyone on.  I’m looking forward to meeting and racing with the rest of the EN IMTexas team.

joseph lombardiJoseph Lombardi

Howdy IMTX’ers  – Joe “Chip” Lombardi (51) Native of Rhode Island, Current resident of New Hope, PA (NE Philadelphia), via Cincinnati OH and La Crosse, Wisconsin (Alma Mater)..

My second full year“in the Haus” having competed at IMLouisville  in 2011 & 2012, 2011 being my first full IM. 2012 was a bit of a let down after a bike crash during the second week of Race Prep set my fitness back and then an extremely hot day combined to make my 2012 result less than I had hoped…but maybe what I should have expected.

In any event;  I chose Texas as my  ” ‘venge on the ‘ville “…..because I a.) wanted a change of venue, b.) wanted an earlier in the season race…as a midyear race makes an A-race fall marathon difficult, and c.) I prefer warmer weather races….I also felt Texas course would be similar to Louisville in character……so here I am.

Things have gone well so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and joining you in crushing IMTX!

Joanna Ip


Bib #1381

IM TX will be my 9th race and hopefully 8th finish.  Marching towards that legacy lottery!

Jay LamkampJay Lakamp

Hello, my name is Jay Lakamp (55-59 AG) and my wife and I live in Portland, Oregon. We have four grown children and that is why we can occasionally travel to different events. I have been a critical care nurse for the last 33 out of 35 years.

I started doing tri’s with some encouragement from a friend and found them to be a lot of fun. My first Ironman® I did was in 2010 in the town I was born in and flunked my swimming classes. Yes, the same beach I flunked on is the start for IM Coeur d’Alene.

Texas will be my fourth IM and I’m trying to gain back the ground that I lost from taking a year off and gaining thirty-three pounds. All of my IM’s have been with EN from outside and/or inside of the “Haus”. This year will be a busy IM season with doing TX this May and doing Wisconsin (all the beef related IM’s this year) and then visiting family in September.

As an added bonus to the year I won a lottery spot again to go to Kona which I also did in 2011. Yes that’s right, the last 2 out of 3 years I will have a chance to race in Kona again and Texas will be my verification race Lord willing. I look forward in meeting more of our EN family in The Woodlands and you might see my wife as a catcher at the finish line too.  Jay.

dwight_KeithDwight Keith

My name is Dwight Keith, 46, from Atlanta, GA.  I run the Program Office at a national IT deployment company.  I was recently married (October) and this will be my fifth Ironman. I have completed AZ, FL, KY, and last years IMNYC with a personal best sub-12 in IMFL.  Last year I **swore** IMNYC would be my last full distance but several factors influenced change. First, personal factors kept me from training at my potential.  Additionally, the IMNYC experience was not even close to what I expected from an IM branded event and I say that with all due respect to the wonderful volunteers and staff that put it on.  It’s a logistical nightmare and the course just isn’t set up for my strengths.  Most importantly, however, is one of my closest friends and EN team member Reuben Kennedy decided to dip his toe in the IM world.  I’ve had a great time training with him and it’s made the long rides and training weeks bearable.

This is my first race with the EN team and I’ve enjoyed the trip.  We’ve had some great banter back and forth on the Texas forum and all of the team has really kept me motivated and focused.  My goal for this race is to finish 13:00 or better but, honestly,  I’m just looking to do my best and have a good time. This will be my last full distance…at least for awhile…and I wanna go out swinging!

robin sarnerRobin Sarner

Male 47 yo. 6-6. 185 lbs.

Hoping to go faster and survive the heat.

Live in Tacoma, Washington.

Family physician.

Married. Two adult step children. Three cats. One step-dog.

Wife Lisa Watson racing Canada.

Chris BChris Beuer


Single & very available 🙂

This will be my third IM (Florida, Louisville). I just recently joined EN in January. In Texas I of course want to finish the race primarily, but am hoping for a good 30-40 minute PR.

Tom GlynnTom Glynn

Hello Everyone!  My name is Tom Glynn and I have been with Endurance Nation since the beginning.  Texas will be my 10th IM and 3rd time around for this course. I’ll be competing in the 50-54 AG.  The one goal for the year will be the same as last year’s – swim faster 🙂 We live in Danville CA.  I’m married with three kids. My full time job is taking care of the two youngest boys; Parker (8) and Conner (11). The oldest, Kira is about to graduate from college.  For the first time in 3 or 4 races the whole family will be there to cheer me on. Hopefully the temperatures won’t be too miserable!

Looking forward to meeting the EN Texas crew and having a great time once again.

Sarah GardnerSarah Gardner

I am Sarah Gardner, a 48 year old iron novice. I live in Nags Head, NC which is home to a small EN sleeper cell that includes Jim Ebert and Nemo Braush. I added triathlon gear to my toy box about six years ago, as a way of staying fit for work and surfing. Tri has become a surprisingly big part of my life and it has taught me a lot about myself. My first goal is to complete this event, with hope of crossing the line at 14 hours. can I go wrong with Nemo in my back yard?

I captain a small charter boat called the “Fly Girl”. I have several months off from fishing in the winter, which is long enough to train for a spring Ironman® and Texas was a perfect fit.

Photo: Sarah Gardner in top left and Nemo Braush in lower left.


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