Triathletes Guide to Maximizing Workout Efficiency

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Unlock the secrets to seamless transitions between your triathlon training workouts with Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation. Say goodbye to the frustration of lost minutes when shifting from swim to bike, or bike to run, as we guide you through the art of efficient workout changes. Whether you’re squeezing sessions into a hectic weekday or a jam-packed weekend, this episode is your blueprint for maximizing training time without compromising quality.

Join us as we explore the bigger picture of triathlon training, emphasizing individual discipline proficiency over mere transition speed, especially for those new to the sport. Coach Patrick shares practical advice on strategically pairing workouts to replicate race conditions, budgeting time for the unexpected, and the wisdom of the ‘two workouts, one shower’ principle. All of this and more in our conversation, geared toward helping you shave off those precious seconds and gear up for your personal best