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Inbetweenisode – Coach Patrick Preps for Ironman® Mont Tremblant

571 800 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P discusses the build up to his next race at Ironman® Mont Tremblant. This is his first race since 2015 and there were several key changes he made to his training volume and schedule this year. Relevant Links: – Vasa Swim…

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Short Course Triathlon Series, Part I: Training Fundamentals

800 524 Rich Strauss

Welcome to the Endurance Nation Short Course Triathlon Series, created to support our 2017 Short Course Triathlon Training Plans. These 12 week Short Course Triathlon Training Plans are FREE for a limited time! Go here to learn more and gain instant access to your training plan today! In this first installment of the series, we’ll…

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2017 EN*Full and EN*Half Training Plans are LIVE and On Sale!

240 313 Rich Strauss

We are pleased to announce release of our 2017 EN*Full and EN*Half training plans! Every Endurance Nation digital training plans is designed to put you 100% in charge of your season. No more waiting for workouts or emails. No more wondering what workout to do. Put down the magazines and books…it’s time to start training! Eliminate Wasted Training Time;…

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2016 Ironman Arizona Recap

600 600 Rich Strauss

The Team ended its US Ironman racing season this year with 45+ athletes making a strong showing at Ironman® Arizona. Both coaches, Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann, were on hand to lead the team and clock many hours of meetings, as they planned how to make 2017 — our 10th year — even more special…

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OutSeason® vs OffSeaon, and When is the Best Time to Start Your OutSeason® Training

600 450 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation ( as he discusses: Why do we call it the OutSeason® vs the OffSeason, and the opportunities this distinction creates for you, the self coached athlete, and our TeamEN members. When is the best time for you to start your own OutSeason® training?   Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes.…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Frederick Guesneau

600 800 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich Strauss from Endurance Nation ( as he interview Frederick Guesneau about his 4th place and Kona qualifying performance at Ironman Wisconsin. Frederick and Rich discuss many topics, most notably Frederick’s trick for turning the pain of race day into a positive advantage.     Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes. Listen to…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Ian Kurth

587 800 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich Strauss from Endurance Nation ( as he interviews TeamEN athlete Ian Kurth about his 10th place performance in Men’s 40-44 at the 2016 Ironman Wisconsin triathlon. Rich and Ian discuss many topics, most notably Ian’s experiment with running every day for 42 consecutive weeks! Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes. Listen…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Race Report: Lindsay Blumenshein

800 600 Rich Strauss

Lindsey’s determination and performance won her “The Game Ball Award,” and she was given our 1st Place Tri Club Trophy in recognition   Swim (1:28:55) I got in the water between 6:45-6:50 and headed to the right side of the ski ramp about 3-4 rows back. While heading to my spot I saw my dad…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Race Report: Shaughn Simmons

425 640 Rich Strauss

A very, very good day.  Fantastic weather, challenging course, incredible team mojo and support, EN staff onsite (Coach R and Mariah) nailing the 4 keys and every other aspect of the race weekend, I was healthy, not injured and my fitness level was very good,……….. I mean, how many things can a person have going…

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Long Term Triathlon Success: Build vs Rebuild

800 800 Rich Strauss

Inside Endurance Nation, your first step of the season is to submit your races for a Triathlon Season Roadmap™ — TeamEN athletes submit their race schedule, or ask for race planning advice to meet their season goals. This  details for them how to stack our training plans across their season, given their race schedule. The…

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