2017 EN*Full and EN*Half Training Plans are LIVE and On Sale!

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We are pleased to announce release of our 2017 EN*Full and EN*Half training plans!

Every Endurance Nation digital training plans is designed to put you 100% in charge of your season.

No more waiting for workouts or emails. No more wondering what workout to do. Put down the magazines and books…it’s time to start training!

Eliminate Wasted Training Time; Only Do The Work that Matters!

ENSTARPick your ability level – Choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced options at checkout to make sure that you aren’t training too much (or too little). Use the guide on product page in the store to make your best choice.

ENSTAREvery training session has a purpose – and is written with a specific Main Set. Whether it’s two mile repeats at threshold or a 1,00o yard swim time trial, you’ll know exactly what’s required for success.

ENSTARNo more wasted training time – do your main set and you are good. We have guidance for “bonus time” but if you don’t have it, don’t worry.

ENSTARNo more training surprises – skip ahead to see what’s scheduled. Plan ahead for travel or family obligations.

ENSTAREvery workout is prioritized with color coding – so you know what sessions to drop when work and life get in the way!

ENSTARPrepare for race day with Race Simulations sessions – these are the most focused sessions of your plan, and will help ensure you are 100% race ready by the big day.

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As the owner of an Endurance Nation Training Plan, you have access to:

  • Our learning library, complete with resources explaining every aspect of your plan.
  • Our zone calculators to make sure every session is dialed into your current fitness.
  • Limited racing resources (the full suite is for members) to make sure you are ready to execute.
  • Regular updates as we continue to improve and upgrade the plans across the season.
  • Your training plan for life. It never goes away…you can access it online anytime. Re-use it. Shuffle it. It’s 100% yours!

“Coach P, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found Endurance Nation this season. As I was evaluating training plans, a friend who I admired told me about yours, And while the cost was more than double and the jargon was a bit intimidating I figured you get what you pay for. My goal this season was to get stronger… Mentally and physically. Yesterday was the Atlantic City half and I PR’d by 25 minutes!”
~ Jessica Backofen, New Jersey

What is an Endurance Nation Training Plan? 

First created in 2005, this family of training plans is now on its 15th iteration. That’s right — we update our training plans every single year. Each rewrite of the plans is based on the feedback of our athletes and the personal training experimentation of the coaches, making these the highest quality and proven training plans in the long course triathlon space.

You have 12- and 20-week versions to choose from.

Race Prep Only (12 Weeks) – If you’ve been active over the last few months, or have a history in the sport, you can choose to follow our final 12 weeks to race day.

General Prep + Race Prep (20 Weeks) – Need to get ready for your first race? Or on the come back trail from time off or injury? Pick the 20-week plan for a comprehensive, and gradual build up your final peak training.


2017 EN*Full and EN*Half training plans are on sale now through February 28th, 2017.

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Changes, Tweaks, and Enhancements for 2017 EN*Full and EN*Half Plans

The components of a success long course triathlon swim are proper technique and the speed and endurance to sustain that technique for the distance of your race. And so for 2017:

  • Each swim workout is designed to address a specific purpose: Swim Skills, Speed, Muscular Endurance, etc, so you always know which component of your swim is being addressed in each workout.
  • Some athletes experience a significant difference between a race rehearsal bike done, or not done, immediately after a a race rehearsal swim. And so we’ve added more clear guidance about the value of doing the race rehearsal swims immediately preceding the race rehearsal bike

The long course triathlon bike is where you’ll spend over half of your training time, building your endurance engine while also getting faster and developing your race nutrition, hydration, and pacing plans.

  • By the time you reach about week 14 of the plan you’re experiencing some significant mental and physical fatigue. And so we tweaked the interval sessions to have shorter intervals in the last ~6-7wks of the plans. For example, rather than doing 2 x 20′ @ Z4, we have you doing 4 x 10′ or something a bit more physically and mentally manageable.
  • Likewise, we’ve identified some of the Sunday rides as optional in the Beginner and Intermediate training plans, giving you the flexibility to create a day off for yourself if you feel you needed one.
  • Finally, based on the feedback of our athletes, we’ve modified our cycling heart rate zones testing protocol to make it more repeatable and less onerous.

A successful long course triathlon run is built in running durability. The ability to absorb consistent running work, day after day, creates fatigue resistant running legs and enables you to simply slow down less than your competition in the final miles of the race. This running durability is the focus of our long course training plans:

  • Advanced Plans still have the most running, period.
  • Clarified the guidance for the Split Long Runs and made more clear differences between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced runs. For example, the intensity of many of the Beginner long runs was turned down, but the the volume maintained, this way these athletes could safely “earn miles.”
  • Removed hill runs from Beginner and Intermediate plans, replaced them with Strides.
  • Tweaks made to the VO2 runs across all plans.
  • Tweaks made to Tempo interval runs across all plans.
  • In the Beginner EN*Half plans, we added a second “semi-long” run to weeks 1 through 8 of the training plans, to help people with a low vDOT score.

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COMPLETELY NEW for Our 2017 Long Course Training Plans:

Finally, we’ve made three significant enhancements to our 2017 EN*Half and EN*Full training plans:

  1. Training Week-Specific Videos and Podcast — we’ve created a library of videos and podcasts, on a range of triathlon training and racing topics specific to each week of your training plan. These resources live right next to your training plan, delivering week-specific advice just when you need it the most.
  2. Integration with TrainerRoad — ALL of the bike workouts in the EN*Half and EN*Full training plans are also available in TrainerRoad, making indoor training simple and effective.
  3. Coming Soon: Season-long Core and Functional Strength Guidance — we currently have an OutSeason Swim Preparation and Core Strength Routine that’s integrated with our OutSeason training plans. We are now in the process of season-ifying that resource, to create a program you can drop into at any time and self-serve your core and functional strength needs.

Click on the button below to purchase today but hurry, these sale prices end on February 28th, 2017!

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