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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Coach’s Recap

612 612 Rich Strauss

  Endurance Nation fielded nearly 50 athletes for the 2016 running of Ironman® Wisconsin, perhaps our biggest showing at this event. Coach Rich Strauss and Mariah Bridges were on hand to create our signature race weekend experience for our athletes and their families, and this is a recap of the weekend. Thursday — Team Dinner Thursday evening over…

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2016 Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report: Dawn Cass, 5th W40-44, 11′ PR!

426 640 Rich Strauss

Bit of Philosophy:  Ironman obviously tests your physical abilities, however, when thrown some additional challenges you really need to dig inside yourself mentally.  Do you have the perseverance and attitude to get through?  I actually think anyone could do the race…as long as your head is in the right place.  If your head and mindset…

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Teamwork Dreamwork

2017 Endurance Nation Key Races

660 660 Mariah Bridges

2017 Key Race Schedule What is a Key Race? A Key Race is when the entire team focuses on a specific event. Our goal is to get as many people on the ground as possible for Maximum Mojo. It’s a fantastic weekend and tons of fun. This is a chance for many of you to…

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Free / Cheap Cycling Speed Opportunities for Long Course Triathletes

800 532 Rich Strauss

  We know you’ve done tons and tons of work to build a bigger engine, YOU, to power your bicycle. But did you know there are many small tweaks and changes you can make to your setup that will yield free speed on the bike? Well, it’s free in the sense that you don’t have…

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2016 IRONMAN® Vineman Race Report: Josiah Garrison, 45′ PR!

150 150 Rich Strauss

I’ve been racing long course triathlon and training with EN for the past 2 1/2 years. Vineman was my second full IM, my first was IMAZ ’14. I’ve also done two 70.3’s. Training started out slowly in 2016. I followed first the OS, then Get Faster EN plans from Nov – March. The intensity work didn’t…

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Actions in the First Third of the Ironman Bike and Run

650 484 Rich Strauss

Did you know that after months and months of training, blood sweat, and tears, and thousands of dollars invested in equipment and travel to your race, you’re most likely to trash it all in the first 30 miles of the bike and 8 miles of the run? In this post I’ll explain why and what…

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How Endurance Nation Does Kona

592 601 Mariah Bridges

ALOHA! The Ironman® World Championship 2016 is rapidly approaching. Endurance Nation is the largest and fastest online endurance team in the world, and nobody does Kona like we do! Meet our dedicated Kona partners. These amazing companies help make being a part of the Endurance Nation crew all the more fun! NormaTec  NormaTec is the…

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Rob Sabo Running Lake Placid

2016 Ironman Lake Placid Race Report: Rob Sabo, 10:53, 5th M50-54

534 800 Rich Strauss

Lead up training After IM MOO 2015, my hamstring which had bothered me for the past 2 years was tight so I pulled the plug on the NYC Marathon and started thinking about prep for 2016. I wrote up goals for 2016 and broke them down for Swim bike run and PT for hamstring and…

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2016 Ironman Canada Race Report: Robin Sarner, 10:10, 2nd M50-54, KONA!

800 800 Rich Strauss

Robin Sarner, IM Canada, Whistler, B.C.  7/24/16. Male 50 yo.   180 lbs.    6 feet 6 inches.     Swim: 58 minutes. Bike: 5:29, 243 np, 226 ave power. Ave cadence 70. (yes on purpose), Ave HR 136 Run: 3:33 ave HR 136.    Ave cadence 79 Second place for age group. 47th overall. Top three kona qualified. No roll downs. So, I made the show for the…

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2016 Ironman Texas Race Report: Mark Cardinale, Kona Bound!

480 640 Rich Strauss

Don’t be afraid to work hard enough to find out how good you can really be! I first noticed this quote from a Facebook post by Siri Lindley.   The quote stuck with me and I used it as one of my main mantras throughout the outseason.  I also resonated with a podcast from coach P.…

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