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Race a triathlon in the rain

Racing a Triathlon in the Rain

800 800 Mariah Bridges

  Racing the Elements: How to Race in the Rain   Racing a triathlon in the rain is one of the major nature elements we all fear. Not only are there massive safety concerns, but, what about gear? How will the roads be affected? So many questions can turn any triathlete into a ball of…

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racing a triathlon in the heat

How to Race a Triathlon in the Heat

800 800 Mariah Bridges

  Racing the Elements: How to Race in the Heat   Triathlon racing season spans all of the seasons, which means, all kinds of weather. Nothing seems to bring on the grunts more like racing in the heat. Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P pushes onwards…

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Rainy Run Relay Tips

Patrick McCrann
Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week we break down how to successfully handle the logistics of a relay run in the rain. Epic runs are fun, but if you get them wrong...epically less so. When putting together a relay run, there are many moving logistic parts. One of [...]read more
The Rock in Lake Placid

2016 Placid Camp Day Two Recap

800 635 Patrick McCrann

Placid Camp 9am Riders Day Two of the Lake Placid training camp brought with it more unpredictable weather. After the first day of riding and running, and the evening lecture, many of the campers were anxious to put their newfound skills to practice. Unfortunately the weather was doing its best to make things as difficult…

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2016 Rev3Quassy Race Recap

600 600 Patrick McCrann

With early June upon us, it was time for another annual pilgrimage to Middlebury CT for Rev3Quassy. Part of the local triathlon scene since 2009, Quassy has been putting the hurt on triathletes for years. And 2016 was no exception! Despite the photo, more than 30 Team Endurance Nation athletes were on hand to experience…

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How To Race A Triathlon In the Rain

400 290 Coach P

  While everyone trains to be their best on race day, more often than not the day itself leaves a lot left to be desired. Being able to adjust your expectations and strategies on the fly is a critical part of racing successfully; it’s a hallmark of the experienced triathlete. In this article, we’ll cover…

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