Seven Reasons Endurance Nation Athletes Succeed without Expensive Coaching

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Mike Robets heading to the Tulsa Finish

To qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii, you need serious coaching to create a competitive advantage.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, it’s possible to have a breakthrough race and earn a Kona slot without spending thousands of dollars on a customized training experience.

How do I know? Because 1 in 4 Endurance Nation athletes just qualified at Ironman Tulsa – a total of five qualifiers!

Here are 7 reasons our athletes are successful might make you want to become part of our Team.

Shared Training Plans vs Custom Plans

Everyone assumes that a fully custom training plan is the most effective. But this is expensive to acquire, time-consuming to execute and the work:reward ratio isn’t any better than a regular plan. Instead, our athletes follow a shared plan — everyone does the same session on Tuesday, the same Race Simulation in Week 8 on Saturday. The personalization happens with Zones, not with customized warm-up protocols and hand-picked interval sets.

Workout Accountability

The shared plans foster accountability, as the Strava feed shows who is doing what. It also creates comradery as athletes each bring their individual strengths to the table. Today you can help me complete the session; tomorrow I’ll motivate you to get it done.

Weekly Themes

Each week across the three month build into the race has a particular theme. This prevents athletes from getting lost in the minutiae of any given workout. Instead, everyone knows that the Nutrition Themed Week is all about completing a Sweat Test and defining a hydration plan. Big rocks first, before the small details.

Plan > Test > Adjust

Race day is NOT a catered training day. Our athletes draft a plan for the race and practice it at least twice in the build-up to the big day. Plans are posted online for review and feedback, once again dramatically improving race outcomes through collaboration. By the time the race starts, a group of 20 athletes will have the shared experiences of 20 separate race plans, refined twice. It’s like you raced 40 times before your event.

Shared Lessons Learned

Active chat channels connect each race squad. Completing the training together builds a bond. The collaboration also means that each athlete can access the data of everyone else in the group. By sharing your progress and lessons learned, you have made everyone else in the group better prepared. The broader Team is also just a click away.

A Decade of Data

Being an online Team has its advantages when it comes to data. Our archive of reports and lessons learned reaches back more than a decade. Yes, our sport keeps innovating. However, future success is build off of past practice and we’ve got that locked in for anyone on the Team that wants to take advantage of it.

Self-Directed Training Builds Decision Making Skills

Most importantly, the Endurance Nation system empowers athletes to make their own decisions in training. This practice helps each athlete develop a level of self-awareness that is a critical component of a successful race. There’s no outside assistance on race day; you must be prepared to analyze and adjust based on your original plan, the current situation, and your overall goals.  Our athletes hone these skills on the regular making the challenge of racing less of an obstacle.

Are You One of Us? 

If you’ve read this far, you understand the value of how we train and race. And the results certainly speak for themselves. At the same time, we have hundreds of other athletes who are walking their own path to success — in ultrarunning, gravel racing, cycling and more.

If you’re interested, use the red chat button on this page to tell us you read this article and request the discount code. Or if you can’t wait, go to and take the first step to join our community. Once we connect, we’ll talk about the level of coaching that fits your goals.

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