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New RocketBike Championships Session (Win a Free Scholarship!)

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Just in time for the championships season, RocketBike ( is launching a special five-week experience. We have condensed the program from 16-weeks down to 5 weeks. Instead of a training plan, you’ll get race advice and final training workouts for just $499. 

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Multisport Couples: How To Make It Work

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week, we are diving into multisport couples. As with any relationship, there can be lots of compromising, sacrifice, and of course, support. Multisport couples pose a unique take on hobby time by both athletes loving the same sport. The vote is split on whether…

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St George Results and Reports

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Mile 18 at Ironman St George21 TeamEN athletes kicked off the 2010 Ironman series on May 1st with Ironman St George, the newest entry on the US Ironman calendar. Rich and the Team scouted out the course in February to prepare for the event and afterwards named the course the most challenging in North America.

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