How to be a Healthier, Smarter Endurance Athlete by Monitoring Your Body

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast.

This week Coach P reflects on Jan Frodeno’s injury status after winning 70.3™ Worlds and how we can use this moment to make ourselves better athletes. As background, with a stress fracture in his SI joint, there’s no way Frodo can compete safely. While he’s the fittest man on the planet cruising around on crutches, let’s capture some good lessons learned.

Key Talking Points include:

* Training has physical, mental, and emotional impacts.
* These “effects” are inter-related.
* The better you know your limits, the better you can safely challenge yourself to be better.
* The big picture goal is to remain healthy and consistent across your season.

Additional Links and Resources:

* Jan Frodeno is OUT of Kona 2018 with Injury (

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