National Rally: Climb Mt Lemmon With EN!

Coach P

Training in Tucson, AZ

The National Rally training schedule has been designed to accommodate all ability levels in a single session. From the swim workouts to a time trial session on the bike, you’ll have to chance to ride and train alongside all of your TeamEN peeps.

But there is one exception…

Climbing Mt Lemmon

We save this final epic ride for Saturday, although some of you may choose to do more epic training earlier in the week on your own. We’ll start out super early in waves to allow everyone time to complete the ride. Sag support virtually eliminates the need to carry extra food and fluids, and we’ll have a box lunch available at the top!

Here are some of the stats of this signature AZ ride:

  • 4.5% average grade is a challenge without using extremely low gears with an exciting descent.
  • There is an almost continuous 21 mile downhill from Mt. Bigelow Rd. to the base.
  • The round trip to Ski Valley is 56 miles, with a 6,600 feet of elevation gain.

Attend & You Could Win

Participants will get an incredible amount of “camp schwag” simply for showing up…you don’t even have to get first place!  Beyond the basics, everyone who attends will be entered to win one of two chances for EN to pay for their “A” race entry fee — including an Ironman!

Three other lucky participants will have the chance to share a Rev3 Annual Race Membership, a pass that gives free access to all the races on the Rev3 Tour.

We’ll also have other product giveaways, including:

  • Three $800 Xterra Vendetta  wetsuits
  • Rudy Project sunglasses
  • Rudy Project Helmets
  • Yurbuds Ironman® headphones
  • And more cool stuff will be added every week!

And don’t forget a TriSports “After Hours TeamEN Shopping Night” with HUGE discounts!

That’s right, we are going over the top to make sure that everyone has a fantastic experience in Tucson!

Who Will Be There

Here’s a list of some of the EN superstars who will be in Tucson:

Coach Rich and Coach Patrick

Rian Bogle, Stephanie Stevens, Bart Stevens, Patricia Rosen, Robert Sabo, Teri Cashmore, Joe Hallatschek, Melissa Olivas, Simon Shurey, Grant Stauffer, Yasko Howell, Al Truscott, Mary Larson, Scott Alexander, John Larson, Nancy Dickinson, Juan Vergara, Rich Amaya, Dusty Holcomb, Daniela Williams, Michael Olivas, Trevor Garson, Brian French and more!

>> Learn More about the National Rally Here

Thanks again for all your support and hope to see you in March!!!

Patrick & Rich


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