2016 January Volume Camp Day Four Recap

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Final JVC Camp Photo

The fourth and final day is my favorite day of training camp. This is our chance to go down on the Clay trails that surround Clermont. But this one is an almost exclusively reserved for the runners and Farmington over the course of this morning, I only saw three cars!

The weather was in the cooler this morning, but that only makes for better running conditions. When we started off it was about 42° which is the temperature I can run at all day.

After a brief warm-up, the group was off. Given how different everyone’s running speed is from there so I can speed, there were no expectations about staying together all day. Instead The focus is on running well and running at your own speed. Smaller groups and actually happened out there on the road but in many ways the trails are just a great place to run and enjoy the quiet and the scenery.

Endless Beauty JVC Running

The Endless Blue and Red Beauty JVC Running

One of the more surprising elements about running out on the Clay Road is just how bowling the terrain is. Similar to the bike, there are very few places that are entirely flat. As a result, it’s an easy place to kind of fall into your own and do just as much — or as little — work as you want to.

Group Running JVC

When the run was over, it was time to cool down and do some light stretching while everyone else finished up. This is a chance for a few final jokes and laughs before we hopped in the cars to go get ready to leave. The last day of camp is always a bittersweet one but the memories are good enough to sustain me for the next 362 days!

Signing Up for 2017 (Your Future Self will Thank You!)

If you’re interested in joining us for the 2017 edition of the January Volume Camp, please visit the official camp page online here: www.endurancenation.us/jvc and make your refundable deposit to hold the slot. If you attend the camp this year, stay tuned to your email for a special offer as we’d love to have you back!


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