Triathlon 2.0 Introduction and Intent: A "Triathlon 2.0" eBook Excerpt

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To give you a little taste of what’s to come, we’re releasing a few chapters from our upcoming eBook, Triathlon 2.0: Building a Proper Season. Last time, we released the chapter Manage Intensity, Not Volume; today, we want to explain to you the purpose this ebook will serve to you as an Age Group triathlete. Read this chapter for your free taste, then sign up for the Endurance Nation Update so you get the ebook automatically sent to you for free when it’s released.

From the upcoming ebook, Triathlon 2.0: Building a Proper Season

(How Your Competition is Outsmarting You, and How You Can Join Them)Intent of this Book

The defining characteristic of you, the real-world, age group triathlete, is that your time is limited. Together, we must carefully consider (1) the cost of each unit of time invested and (2) its return on race day.

This fact — not charts, graphs, spreadsheets, annual hours, and much more — frames how we approach everything we do as age group triathlon coaches.

How we approach our mission of coaching our athletes is then likely very different from what you’ve read in triathlon training books, magazines, and heard from your training partners.

This perspective has been gained through a combined 25+ years of full-time coaching of age group triathletes primarily racing long course triathlon — there is what you learn from reading a book, there is what you learn when you apply that book to your own training, then a few dozen athletes, then hundreds, then thousands.

We have created this book with two goals in mind:

First, to share our coaching experience with you

We’ve been coaching, training, racing, teaching, speaking, living, and breathing in the age group triathlete world for over twenty years. We are very passionate about what we do and we are very tired, quite frankly, of watching people make the same mistakes over and over and over again. We hope this book gives you a few things to think about and makes you a better self-coached athlete.

Second, to help you learn more about us and Endurance Nation

From 2001 to 2007 we were coaches working with athletes under the model that you’re probably most familiar with — one coach working closely with a small squad of athletes for a monthly fee. Then at Coeur d’Alene 2007 we met over gallons of coffee and asked ourselves:

How do we leverage our coaching experience, technology, and the power of a high-quality community to dramatically improve the training and racing experience of a large number of athletes, at a significantly lower monthly fee?

The product of those discussions was something entirely new — Team Coaching. We launched the team in October 2007 with 80 athletes and TeamEN is now over 700 athletes strong as of the publication date of this ebook, September 2013. We hope that this ebook helps you learn more about how we do what we do to help our athletes achieve their goals.

Next time: Defining Our Audience — YOU, the Age Group Triathlete

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