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Transform Your Endurance Journey: Discover the Magic of European Training Camps with Coach Patrick

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Get ready to transform your endurance journey as Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation reveals the secrets behind our unique European training camps. Learn why shifting from a performance-driven mindset to one of exploration and enjoyment can vastly enhance your athletic experience. From breathtaking rides to cultural immersion, discover how our camps offer a refreshing alternative…

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Steady Ride to Orient in Mallorca

580 556 Patrick McCrann

View the Ride on Strava   The Orient ride may not be the most well-known or highly-rated ride on the island, but it certainly has its charms. Starting off slow, it picks up in the middle with a climb that is reminiscent of what you would see out west, complete with broad turns, open roads,…

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That Bucket List Conversation

800 800 Patrick McCrann

If it’s not fun, why do it?

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What Challenge Epic Photo

The 2023 Event & Challenge Series by Endurance Nation

800 800 pmacexn

Our annual calendar of events is designed to help you build fitness in fun and challenging ways. Please note, this is not inclusive of Key Races. We have put that off (again) and need to focus on it. For now, enjoy. Yes, our training plans work! Our unique coaching methodology for age group athletes includes…

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Adventurifying Your Bike for Volume

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Coach Patrick covers the logistics and key steps to planning an adventure with your bike while getting in some serious volume.

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8-Week Double Century Training Plan

723 800 Patrick McCrann

OMG, the Double Century Challenge is Happening!   Riding 200 miles in two days is the perfect way to jumpstart your fitness for the year and challenge your limits.  With this progressive, balanced plan you’ll not only more than accomplish your goal, but you will feel great afterward. Your rides can be done outdoors (be…

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Phoenix Challenge Logo

Spring Strava Challenges for the Phoenix Double Century Ride

800 406 Patrick McCrann

Challenges to prepare you for a Double Century We are super excited about the upcoming June 11 and June 12 Double Century Ride known as the Phoenix Challenge (  This challenge series is meant to be part of your foundational build-up, do them as you like. Even if you aren’t going to be able to…

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Introducing the First Annual Phoenix Challenge Double Century Ride

800 526 Patrick McCrann

We are pleased to announce the First Annual Phoenix challenge. After long last, it’s time to get back out on the open road and do some epic riding!!  The challenge is as simple as it is evil – a double-century ride from Front Royal, VA to Waynesboro, VA. And back again the next day. The…

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Leslie Knight’s Endurance Journey to the (Virtual) Thunderbunny 50k

350 350 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P interviews teammate Leslie Knight about her journey from entering training while serving in the US military in Japan…to Ironman…to now the ultrarunning scene. Despite her race being canceled, Leslie just dials in her own virtual 50k run. A great reminder…

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The Ins and Outs of Cycling Camps

Mariah Bridges
Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P interviews good friend and partner Paul Wood from Black Bear Adventures Paul helps with our annual Blue Ridge Cycling Camp and has really made a difference. Paul's personal background as an athlete and service-oriented mindset really change how we as a [...]read more
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