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Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway

Every year Endurance Nation puts on several key volume camps for our athletes and the general triathlon community. These camps are an opportunity to inject some serious endurance fitness into your seasonal progression, but they are hard to find and harder to get into. We have two specific camps left for 2015 that have a few open slots, listed below. Please review the options and consider joining us — or pass it on to someone you think might be a better fit.

Why Not Just Use Volume All Year?

In the world of endurance racing, there’s no doubt that volume plays a role in race performance and overall fitness. But achieving that level of fitness for most Age Group Triathletes is usually a question of compromise or sacrifice. Athletes considering a volume-oriented approach are faced with several hours of training every day — to the tune of 20 to 30 hours a week, across most weeks of the season.

Training like this means not doing many other things, given that you have a job, a family and probably some form of a life. It also means walking the fine line of extreme fitness and over-training…sleep deprivation is a real issue, as is baseline hormonal levels if you aren’t able to spend the proper amount of time recovering from the work.

Why Consider a Volume Camp?

Inside Endurance Nation, we focus exclusively on helping the Age Group Triathlete create fitness and develop critical race skills within a very tightly organized framework. Every workout has a purpose and is limited to a specific time frame, duration and main set.

As a compliment to this quality-driven approach, we have incorporated several individual volume days into our training plans depending on the ability level and overall duration of the plan. Our volume camps are a natural extension of this “micro-dosing” approach.

Instead of nickle-and-diming your family for five weekends of century rides, join us for a long training camp to get all that mileage — and recover properly from it — in an environment that cultivates excellence and doesn’t grind away at the folks who are so keen to support your training.

2015 January Volume Camp
[Clermont, FL 1/15/15 to 1/19/15]
>> Learn More; Registration Closes 12/1/14!

Great volume for early season races, or just to take a break from the winter doldrums and get some great training and learning done. It’s perfect for athletes looking to race in March, April, May, and June. It’s also great if you have Triathlon Seasonal Affective Disorder after last year’s winter and you can’t stomach the thought of six straight months training indoors.

We chose Clermont, Florida for several reasons. First, the weather is perfect for training – mid-seventies, minimal rain — or to put it another way, probably 65 degrees warmer than where you live in January! Orlando is very accessible to athletes from across the US and there are quite a few hills to train on. Plus access to the pool at the National Training Center can’t be beat.

>> Learn More; Registration Closes 12/1/14!

2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Cycling Camp
[Boone, NC  4/29/15 to 5/3/15]

>> Learn More; Only 4 Slots Left!

This is our fifth year of this amazing cycling camp. It is an excellent opportunity to develop critical early season endurance fitness and strength on the bike, and is perfect for athletes looking to race in June, July, August, and early September. The camp includes skills assessment, SAG, snacks, drinks, breakfast, dinner and lodging. The only thing not included? An extra set of legs!

As you can see in the video on page linked below, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect place to hold this event. Many different flavors of terrain, with ideal weather and quiet roads…you can’t ask for anything more!

>> Learn More; Only 4 Slots Left!

What about you? What are your volume training plans for 2015? Please share with us in the comments below!


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