Crushing The 2020 D.I.Y. TRI

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DIY TRI Complete


So proud to be able to write this post in the middle of DIY TRI week here at Endurance Nation.

What started off as a fun idea has quickly become an event that has inspired and connected over 100 athletes. I want to thank our members for the suggestion and support over the last couple weeks.

I want to congratulate everyone who is already finished their DIY try this week. I want to High Five all of you who are putting the final touches on your race, which has to be completed by this Sunday.

It’s pretty powerful to turn on my Strava feed and see all of these workouts getting done. To be honest, I’m impressed with how fast and strong you all are without the typical Reece experience motivating you.

Some of you opted for the Long Course (2k swim, 80k bike, 20 k run). Others chose the Short Course event (1k swim, 40k bike, 5k run). Regardless of the distances done, the fact you got it done is the most important thing. 


Having an event on your calendar is important for many reasons.

First, it provides a target to which you can train and prepare.

Second, it provides structure to your season, placing guard rails around your activities to keep you on target.

Third, it delivers to you a sense of accomplishment once you have reached the finish line.

Fourth, and most importantly, it gives you permission to move on to the next season.

Not that you needed permission, but we are hardwired as athletes to understand what crossing the finish line means.

Forward Focused

Now that you have accomplished your goal, we can begin to focus on what preparations lie ahead as we focus on your 2021 season.

Some of you will continue your epic journey…we are here to support you in that!

Some of you will move to Run Durability…and we have a project starting next week, just for those of you who aren’t on the Team.

Others will need to take a break. The Fall is full of transitions. Back to work, back to school, back to business. Making room for these challenges is also important, and you’ve earned that opportunity.

To All The Finishers

Those of you who sign up for the DIY tribe with the finisher reward option, we will be mailing out your bonus prizes early in September. So keep an eye on that mailbox. Until then, we hope you enjoyed your experience. The DIY TRI will 100% be back in 2021, and we hope you join us for the second annual edition!


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