48 Hours To Go: On Book Launches and Bonuses

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Less than 48 Hours to Go to the official one-day launch of Train to Live, Live to Train: An Insider’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyle.

It almost feels like I am getting ready for a big race! The workload has ended, I am making final tweaks and last-minute preparations to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but then again these are the final minutes when I personally am really viscerally connected to what’s happening. What is it about feeling scared that is connected to feeling so alive?

Anyway, enough about me. I wanted to reiterate some of the great stuff that will be going down on Friday with the actual launch of the Train To Live Toolkit.

Everyone who purchases on this Friday will:

  • Save some good money as the final prices will be higher…this is a great deal.
  • Get access to a conference call with me where I’ll discuss the core concepts of the book and answer any/all questions you might have.
  • Be entered win a Fuelbelt Backpack or a year’s subscription to the awesome RescueTime tool I recommend.

Remember you can shop with abandon as I’ll be donating 10% of each purchase to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. This do-good initiative lasts beyond the initial one-day sale, but I still wanted to know that your purchase is part of a bigger cause.

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