Meet the Team: EN vs Hawaii 2010

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This year we have a handful of Team EN athletes competing at the Ironman® World Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are an awesome bunch, having earned their stripes through a full year of training and final preparation for the big day.

There’s nothing like racing alongside the world’s best…a supreme challenge but as you’ll see this group is ready for it! Learn more about the few folks who were able to find the time to send in a bio during this busy week. Our Kona crew is a diverse group but certainly indicative of the makeup of Team EN. You can also track them online on race day using our Team Tracking Sheet (coming soon to the EN Homepage).

Brad Loescher

I live in Yardley, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of Philadelphia, and work in marketing for a medium sized reinsurance company. After 7 years of entering, this year I won a lottery slot to the Ironman® World Championships. Excited, anxious, nervous – don’t begin to explain what I have been feeling for the last 6 months. I know I will be in awe at the start of this race, but hopefully once the nerves calm down, I will be able to execute in true EN style. This race will be my 8th Ironman® over the course of the last 7 years and I think I am probably in the best shape I have been going into any race. None of this could have been possible without the tremendous support of my family. My wife Amy, son Grant, and even our dogs Norm and Lucy have all been fantastically supportive as I have prepared for this year’s race. I have promised them a IM free year next year (although I did sign up for the Florida 70.3).

Matt Ancona

I am 29 years old from Roselle, IL. My wife Theresa and I had our first child this year, Abigail Marie. Outside of triathlon, I work for the internal IT organization for a large technology company. After finishing Ironman® Wisconsin 2007 in over 12 hours, I had a ways to go but was determined to make it to Kona. After making many lifestyle changes and joining Endurance Nation, I went more than 2 hours faster at Ironman® Wisconsin 2009 and earned a Kona Spot for 2010. Theresa, Abigail and I are actually already in Kona and taking in all the sights and excitement. I have no goals for this year other than to enjoy the week, race smart and then have a great time in Hawaii for vacation afterwards.

Matt Samojeden

Matt only submitted the picture above, and no story, but you can catch the full 411 via this news broadcast here. Basically he lost 70 lbs in 3 years and went from couch potato to Kona qualifier…incredible story. He’s probably the most excited (and deserving) of all qualifiers, earning his spot at Louisville this year. Congrats Matt!


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