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This year we have a handful of Team EN athletes competing at Ironman® Florida. They are an awesome bunch, some new and some veterans, all coming to put their mental and physical mettle to the test in the classic one-day event. The 2010 edition sees the bike course changed due to some new roads, but guaranteed there will be suffering and spectacle on the big day. Learn more about the Team and the unique individuals who make up our Florida crew below. You can also track them online on race day using our Team Tracking Sheet.

Brian Comiskey, 41
Orland Park, IL

IMOO (2009) – 13:24
Lake Placid (2010) – 12:51IMFL: Goals: 1:15 swim, 5:20 bike with a VI of 1.03 or less, 4:15 run. EN Gang Sign Finish Line Photo.

I am a Janus Charity Challenge athlete for Florida and have raised over $2,500 for Autism Speaks. Still a few days to raise more money.

Joined EN team in July of 2010 and this is my first race with a power meter/compacts (thanks Coach Rich for the discount). I have been in the sport for three years. I have two sons, Scott (8) and Dylan (11) that also like to swim, bike, run. I am very lucky to have a very supportive and patient wife, Michaela.

Mark Roberts

I’m an original EN member from the first Off-Season group in 2007. This will be my 5th Ironman® and 3rd time racing Florida. I grew up in Michigan, but have lived in so many different states that its hard to really claim one. The Air Force moved me from Texas to Ocean Springs, Mississippi in April so this year has seen a new house, new job, new assignment, oh and Katy and I welcomed our second son, Daniel to our family 5 weeks ago! Somewhere in there I fit in training for this race. I am excited to be racing next week! Ironman® for me is really about the journey and the preparation. The race itself is the reward! This will be my first Ironman® since kids and my #1 goal for this past year was to try and balance my training with my job and being a good father and husband. I feel like I succeeded in that much better than ever before but despite that success I came the to realization that at this point in my life I don’t want to sacrifice this much time away from my wife and 2 boys. The day after my 2 year olds birthday I turned my 90 mile ride into a 9 mile ride because all I wanted to do was be at home and see James play with his new garbage truck.

So…this will be my last Ironman® for awhile, at least until i age up into the 40-45 group. Next year I’m looking forward to shorter training days and getting really fast at shorter races! My goal for Florida is to execute with the fitness I have, run well, and celebrate the day! It really is a privilege for all of us that we are able to do this. My one thing and my race will be dedicated to my wife Katy (a 3x Ironman® herself) and my two boys James and Daniel. Their enduring support, encouragement and sacrifice got me to the starting line this time. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and hope you all have great days on Nov 6!

Bob McCallum
City: Cypress, Texas
Age: 40
Picture: attached

– This is my first IM.
– I do have a goal time in mind but I don’t want to jinx it or be a slave to some pre-determined time. I’ll be flexible on that day if needed.

Shawn Talbott, PhD
Draper, Utah

• How many IM’s you’ve done and your PR, if you’d like to share that as well.
This will be my 14th IM-distance event.
My PR was at Wisconsin way back in 2002 (11:30) – but I intend to crush that time at Florida (hoping for a sub-11)

• Your goals for the race.
-my fitness is as good as it has been in years (probably since my college rowing days), so I am hoping for solid execution and not being an idiot on the bike (my best event) so I can have a solid run (I tend to fall into the trap of going too hard on the bike and then suffering like a dog in the 2nd half of the run). Hope to avoid that trap this year…

• Anything else you’d like us and your team to know about you.
-I am a nutritionist (PhD – nutritional biochem) and physiologist (MS – exercise science) who intellectually “knows” what I should be doing on the training end of things – but I have found that EN Coaching has held me accountable in a very important and different way in my buildup for IMFL. I view EN as similar in some ways to having an “executive coach” to help me get the best performance out of myself in the midst of a very hectic work/travel/family balancing process.

Marc Robards
Tallahassee, FL

Florida will be my first Ironman.

My goal is to execute the best race I possibly can, handle whatever
the race throws my way, and enjoy the experience of my first Ironman,
which has been 20+ years in the making (my first triathlon was in
1987). It’s been a long journey with many starts and stops, but
spending the past year with Endurance Nation has given me the
training, tools, and support to finally get me to the start line
physically and mentally fit and ready to race!

Rebecca (Becky) Hirselj
Alexandria, VA
Florida will be my first IM, so if I finish it will be a PR! (BTW, I like those odds)
My goal is to finish and have fun. I kind of have a time in mind that I think is realistic based on my EM performance and 2 IM RRs (in the 13-14 hour range, hopefully much closer to 13), but this is my first IM… so ultimately finishing and doing my best and not giving up with the line comes is my goal.

Bio: I’m relatively new to the world of athleticism and endurance sports. I ran my first marathon in the spring of 2007 and ran 4 more in the following 19 months. I raced my first sprint tri in July 2008 as a practice run for my first OLY in Aug 2008. I was totally hooked and kept at it scheduling a pretty full 2009 season that included my first HIM (Eagleman). In 09 I started the year with a marathon (in January) and then did a sprint, 2 OLYs, and a HIM… before injury (bike crash that resulted in sprained ACJ) knocked me out for my last OLY of the tri season and my fall marathon.

Following the injury I decided to do an IM… while I could, because I could… To do it, I needed a plan. I talked to a friend (Suzanne Kinsky) and found my way to EN… I’ve had a crazy (my year started off with surgery on my hand followed by months of PT and one scratched race because I couldn’t hold my bike), long, but pretty solid season. With ENs help I’ve gone from around the middle of the pack to about the top third of the pack at some pretty good races (i.e., Eagleman, Timberman) which is pretty darn cool.

I’m nervous about the IM, but not because I don’t think I can do it but because of the unknowns. The training and the RRs have definitely given me the confidence to believe that I can do the distance. I have to focus on staying in my box and executing as I’ve practiced.

Nathalie Bruneau
Age: 42. I’ve done Lake Placid twice, 07 and 08. I’ve joined EN in Jan of 09. This will be my first IM with EN’s training protocol and wisdom. I’m looking forward to applying what i’ve learned and for the first time I have a really calm feeling about this race. I feel ready and happy that I have an arsenal of knowledge and training under my belt to achieve a PR . My best time in a IM is 14:31. My one thing will to crush this. I have a time in mind which will be my focus when the race starts( @ mile 18). I also have to say that I’m so impressed to be part of a team that really supports itself wheter it’s during OS, while training or at the races. Even though I haven’t met any of you I still feel so part of this team and appreciate all the support I get. I’m looking forward to meeting fellow EN’s at Florida and of course RnP.

Dennis R. Scribner, Jr.
Roanoke, VA.
Age = 44.

This is my 2nd Ironman. Last year I participated in the IM Louisville race and finished in 13:55.
My goal for IM Florida is to have as much fun as I can and hopefully break 13:30 and if I feel really good, breaking 13 hrs would be awesome!!!

I am a gynecologic oncologist and I use the strength of my patients and what they have to endure to help me when times are tough during the race along with the lessons this teaches my children which is “you can accomplish great things with hard work”.

Lynda Stewart

45 years old from Texas. My first Ironman.

Totally geeking out about all of this. Spent the last week in the chiropractors office. Back is way out of whack. My execution of the race will reflect this development! This will be my 5th triathlon….ever; and no I don’t come from an “athletic” background.

If I execute perfectly and my back cooperates you will see me in 14 hours….if not, have a few red bulls b/c it won’t be till midnight! Waaaayyyyy excited! Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Coach P

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  • veronicawatts303

    Every each of you is strong, and given by a good heart to support the children with autism, you are all the inspiration for this young children. Anyone can do this great things to help. Keep the goal. I am all proud of you.

    Veronica Watts,
    Car Donation
    Wheels for Wishes

  • veronicawatts303

    Every each of you is strong, and given by a good heart to support the children with autism, you are all the inspiration for this young children. Anyone can do this great things to help. Keep the goal. I am all proud of you.

    Veronica Watts,
    Car Donation
    Wheels for Wishes

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