Case Study: Mark Lane M55-59

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Mark Lane

This post is part of our regular Case Study series, where we highlight some of the great people that are a part of Team Endurance Nation. Our members are all ages, all abilities…and they are all awesome! We hope you enjoy learning about us. Feel free to surf the blog and become a team member to explore the Team yourself!

Your Name: Mark Lane

Your Age Group: M55-59

City, State, Country: Colonial Heights,Va,USA

Years of Triathlon: 7

What is Your Team Endurance Nation Age?  Year 3

What EN Category Are You? Boomer (the above 55 crowd!)

What Do You Do in the Real World? Reliability Engineering Tech

Your Athletic History Pre-Triathlon:
I played football and wrestled in High School, just an average athlete. After High School I joined the Marine Corps, and was in pretty good shape. After I got out of the Corps, I spent the next 25 years working and raising 3 kids. At the age of 50, decided to train and do my first sprint.

Why Did You Choose Endurance Nation?
I wanted to step up to a full Ironman, and new I couldn’t do it on my own. I had been checking EN for a couple years, and liked their self-coaching philosophy, but having a structured plan, and all the support of teammates experiences. So I joined in 2013, and completed my first IM in 2014(IMLOU).

Your Results with Endurance Nation:
First thing to share is that now I am a 2x IM finisher, the second one 30 minutes faster than the first. I think one of the most important things is learning how to Execute a long course tri, and I’m still learning. At the half distance, I’ve had PR’s at all three disciplines(run times about 30 min. faster), and last year Qualified for AG Nat’s. all since joining EN.

What do you tell folks when they ask you about Endurance Nation?
EN is more than just a Tri team, it’s like a community of people who have chosen this lifestyle, and everyone is eager to help everyone else. There are many experienced, fast, smart people on the team to glean information from.

What race(s) are you targeting next?

So far, I plan to do REV3 Williamsburg in July and IMFL in Nov.

** Fun Questions **

If you could invent any piece of triathlon gear, what would it be?

A bike saddle that never felt uncomfortable.

What is the one piece of triathlon gear you swore you’d never get that you now use?

Rear Disc Wheel

What’s Your Tri Food Preference — Liquid/Gel or Solid/Bar?



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