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Triathlon Race Camp

The Importance of a Race Camp for Race Prep

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  When training for a race, you first make sure you have your training plan all squared away, but is that all you need? More often than not, we forget about a Race Camp. Triathlon race camps can be the difference between a calm, cool, collected and empowered race prep versus a frazzled, under-trained, unprepared…

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2016 Kona Experience Recap (and 2017 launch)

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Sitting on the plane back to the mainland next to my teammates and surrounded by triathletes, it’s hard not to feel pretty darn good about this triathlon lifestyle. If you haven’t already read our Intro Weekend and Race Week Recap posts, click to check them out. This is the official end-of-camp and race over post.…

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2016 Texas Camp Day Two Recap

624 464 Coach P

The second day of training camp is always interesting. At camp dinner the night before there is much hemming and hawing as to which way people will go: ride the full 112 or shorten it? There is a mixture of curiosity, bravado, and a little bit of fear that makes most people push the decision…

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2015 Texas Race Camp with Endurance Nation

Coach P

Learn how to race Texas over the course of a long training weekend led by one of the most experienced triathlon coaches in the country…Endurance Nation Co-Founder Patrick McCrann. Running March 19th to the 22nd, 2015, this will be our fourth annual training camp. The Coach Coach Patrick McCrann of Endurance Nation will be on…

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