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The most important thing triathletes never do is take care of their bike.

While riding a bike is simple, maintaining it is not. And while we all hate spending money to replace or rebuild parts the solution is a simple one: paying attention to and taking care of your ride.

So why don’t we all take care of our bikes?

For some, it’s a question of knowledge. Today’s 21st-century bikes don’t have a lot of easy parts to work on, and many of them require specific tools.

The alternative is taking your bike into the local shop. But odds are your 21st-century bike needs more then just a quick cleaning. Anything that requires significant TLC or time will put your bike at the back of the line. Unless you personally know the owner or the mechanic of that shop, you are likely looking at a two to three day minimum wait to get your ride back!

Enter Velofix (

Here’s how it works:

  • Now you can book an appointment online in less than five minutes.
  • A qualified bike mechanic will show up on your doorstep, at the time you selected, with an incredible van full of every tool imaginable.
  • You bring out your bike, and they get to work.
  • Your bike never leaves your house…and you can ride that same day.

In short order they can do everything from basic maintenance all the way up to practically rebuilding most of the components on your bike. You simply have to specify what you need done at the time of your order.

Why Partner with Velofix?

Inside Endurance Nation we’re all about saving time and energy. Our focus on Return On Investment is well-known. But it’s not just about the time you save from quality training, it’s the time you lose traveling to the shop explaining your problem. The lost from multiple calls to find out when your bike is available and then finally going to pick it up. You can eliminate all of the friction and schedule an appointment with Velofix! You are mere minutes away from personally appreciating the true value of the service that Velofix brings to the table.

How Velofix Helped Coach Patrick

When Endurance Nation signed Velofix as a sponsor, I knew I had to get to work right away on building a relationship. Not just because of my position inside EN, but from experience. We don’t like to do deals with partners we don’t understand.

I ride my bike enough that it requires frequent care and attention. Like many of you, I take the time at the end of every week to wipe my bike down. And once a month I give it a solid cleaning. Quite frankly, that takes care of most of my problems. However there is always something else looming or emerging that exceeds my ability to fix.

Now I don’t have to worry about buying tools on Amazon and googling solution videos on YouTube. Simply using the Velofix website I can have a technician working on my bike typically within 48 hours. The booking service was simple and straightforward. The confirmation email has a phone number you can call (I did!) to adjust any details about your appointment.

The technician will not only come to your house, but they will give you a very detailed invoice of all the work that was done!

The best part about the Velofix service is that it allows me to focus on what really matters – my training. I can ride my bike with confidence and not concern myself with the small details.

I don’t know about you, but I love this gig for the chance to be active and to train alongside some of the best people on earth. While like any craftsman, I appreciate and do my best to take care of my tools. But I understand that something simply are not my strong suit.

I strongly encourage you to go ahead and schedule your own appointment with Velofix if they are in your area. Simply go to Members of Endurance Nation can use our insider code to upgrade their first tune. If you like things done right and done quickly, then you will like Velofix!

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