2019 Marathon Training Plans Now Available!

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Marathon Running Plans

We are pleased to publish the latest version of our Marathon Training Plans. These are 16-weeks long and designed to prepare you to complete the 26.2-mile distance to achieve your goals, whether it’s to simply finish or to crush the day.

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As with all Endurance Nation plans, they are fully integrated with Final Surge. This means you have a complete online training log, including pace calculators and other critical resources.  We’ve found that the easier a plan is to use, the more effective you’ll be able to train…and the faster you’ll be on race day!

Final Surge Digital Training Plans


Ability Level Breakdown

There are three specific levels of plans available. Level One is for Beginner Runners, or for folks returning from a long lay off or injury. Level Two is for Intermediate Runners who have completed a marathon in the last 12 months and are looking to build off of that performance. Level Three plans are for Advanced Runners who want to be competitive in their division and/or Boston Qualify.

Pace, Heart Rate & Power Friendly Training

Our marathon plans have specific zone guidance for each workout and each main set. You can use our integrated calculators to set relevant paces for all devices and all methods. If you still run with pace or if you’re a new “running with power” adopter, you’ll have the personalized workout zones to customize each workout to your fitness and goals!

Marathon vs Balanced Marathon Plans

Not everyone who does a marathon is a marathoner. We have athletes from all walks of life inside Team Endurance Nation, so we need training plans that meet all of their needs.

We created our Balanced Marathon Training Plans to include cycling and cross-training workouts to accommodate these athletes. Now runners can reduce the total weekly running load while still getting marathon read. Even triathletes can train for a marathon and not lose all of their multisport fitness. It’s a win-win!

Marathon Plans

^^ Marathon Plan, Intermediate Level, 36 miles of running!

Balanced Plan, Week Two

^^ Balanced Marathon Plan, Intermediate Level, 25 miles of running!


New Training Phases

These marathon plans are part of our Race Preparation plans…you’ll follow them for the final 16 weeks into your race.

More than 16 weeks out from your marathon? You can use one of our Run Durability Plans (three separate four-week installments) to build the recommended running fitness and strength to complete the marathon plans.

Following the Endurance Nation protocol of FAST BEFORE FAR, each plan we have implemented the following components: Speed, Strength and Taper phases.

The Speed Phase [6 Weeks]

During this first phase, you will complete one key session targeting efforts closer to your 10k running pace to build critical run speed. This is possible earlier in your marathon build as the weekly volume and your long run volume are low enough. This speed will help set the tone for adaptations later in the plan as your race goals become clearer.

The Strength Phase [8 Weeks]

In this second phase, your key run of the week will shift to being more race-specific. In addition to the volume of your long run, you will sharpen your race pace with intervals slightly faster than your target race pace. These will be challenging but doable workouts.

The Taper Phase [2 Weeks]

This third phase is the most important. Regardless of your marathon goals, you need to be rested enough to be able to complete the race itself. A good taper will allow time for your body to absorb all of your training and keep your fresh enough so that you don’t go completely “flat” before the big day.

Getting Started

All Endurance Nation training plans are available via subscription. Every membership level includes access to all of our plans and resources; you can upgrade to add Community and individualized Coaching as needed. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and run fitness to gain!

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