New RocketBike Championships Session (Win a Free Scholarship!)

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What’s that in the sky? A bird? A plane? It’s a ROCKETBIKE!

Just in time for the championships season, RocketBike ( is launching a special five-week experience. We have condensed the program from 16-weeks down to 5 weeks. Instead of a training plan, you’ll get race advice and final training workouts for just $499.

Bonus: There’s one free scholarship slot available. Names will be picked from applicants, so complete the application!

Eliminate all the guesswork from your bike training and race day performance with this proven experience. Here’s how it works:

Step One: It all starts with a functional INSCYD cycling test to capture your data. Combined with a survey, we integrate all this information to determine your complete cycling profile.`

Step Two: Using your data, we model out your pacing zones, your nutritional needs, and a develop custom race plan to maximize your fitness. 

Step Three: You will become smarter and stronger thanks to our online course, coach Q&A, and our library of 120+ custom workouts.

Step Four: At the end of your RocketBike experience join our Alumni Program. There you can continue to train, learn from our resource area, and enjoy insider discounts for the remainder of the year.



** Summer Champs Session is $499 for 5 Weeks **

There is one free scholarship slot – apply to be chosen!

Personalized race plan includes your fueling and hydration needs and
a custom power profile for your race using Best Bike Split.

We use sweat test results + INSCYD test + your training history, Best Bike Split,
and our experience (11x Kona, Leadville, 100+ gravel racing) to customize your race day plan.

Be 100% Ready to Race to Your Potential!

** Rocketbike Alumni save 20% OFF **

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