Race Report Update – May 30, 2012

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Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.

Race reports since our last early May update are below. 23 races and a 70% PR rate!  Great way to really start off the summer season!

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Races on 5/12

Kinetic Half-Ironman

Ben Jones earned a new PR of 5:09:32 and said “Work works and smart race execution the key.”  Members can read his full race report here.

Joel also competed and crossed the line in 4:32 for a PR!  You can read about his experience on his blog.

Ironman® 70.3® Mallorca

Niels Esmeijer finished his race in 4:34 for a new PR.

Races on 5/13

Cindy Present competed in the Skeese Greets sprint tri and PR’d with a finish time of 56:06:00.


Races on 5/19

Texas – Everyone below earned a new PR!!

Ben Hales finished in 13:57  and said “This was my first IM and, despite very sage advice from Coach P and EN I still did some dumb things abd had run derailed by calves cramping beginning mile 11.  Again, training was great, advice spot on and my execution stunk.  Great race and course support.”

Dane Wilkinson earned a time of 14:58:58 and said “Patrick, the pre race talk was huge!! I dont know how people can do this kind of a race without a coach.  All day saturday I saw and experienced the wisdom in the en training plan. You guys are the reason i finished. Thanks.”

Jeff Kopp (photo at left) finished in 10:42 and said “Goal was sub 11 hrs for my first Ironman. Really happy with 10:42! The 20 week advanced IM Plan was money. My wife and kids still love me and I still have a job. I can’t place a high enough value on the Texas EN Camp. Knowing that course was huge, especially when my Power Meter did not work!!”

Kristen Olson (photo at right) finished in 13:29 a and said “Thank you, Team EN, for giving me a solid training plan and then teaching me how to execute my race.  I got a PR this weekend at IMTX, shaving 30 minutes off my previous time!”  Members can read her full race report here.

Pat Ward finished with a time of 12:55 and said “Great race! The plan and training provided by Coach Patrick and EN was spot on. I cannot wait to start my next phase with the EN team.”

Patrick McCrann finished with a PR of 9:27:00 and said “A great day, thanks for your support Team!”  His full race report is available on his blog.

Tom Glynn finished in 10:36:59.

Lake Guntersville Olympic Tri

Greg Babb finished in 3:22:31 for a new PR and he said “Improved by nearly 40 min on my 2011 Olympic race – a HUGE thanks to Team EN, Coach P and Coach R for not only stellar training plans, but top notch advice, one-of-a-kind resources from the Wiki and Forums, to unmatched guidelines for race execution.  The information and support of EN has been truly impressive!!”  His race report can be read here on his blog.


Races on 5/20

Florida 70.3

John McLean tried the race with an injury but unfortunately he DNF’d.  He said “I broke my foot 10 weeks ago and had just got back on it 2 weeks ago, I decide i would give the race a shot since I was signed up. I was hoping I didn’t lose my base from Louisville, I was wrong. After the bike I couldn’t go on, I had too much pain in previously injured foot. I can walk on it well after I iced it, so I plan on start building my base back next week.”

Juan Vergara earned a PR of 5:30:38 and said “Hard work WORKS!!!!”

Columbia Triathlon

Ian Coleman raced in this Olympic district tri and PR’d in 2:47:58.

American Zofingen

J.T. Thompson competed in this dualthon and finished in 3:47.  He said “Was a Fantastic EN weekend honoring Chris.  Highly recommend it to others, but be prepared for a very tough race with lots of climbing on both the run and the bike…Is a great training race and execution is important…”

Pete Joachim crossed the finish line in 7:28 and said “Great race, great venue – very difficult. I survived!  Harder than HIM anyday.  EN execution got me to the finish line!”

Kansas City 5150

Daniela Williams competed in this Olympic tri for a finish time of 2:20:28.

Bluff Creek Triathlon

Aryn Flood finished this Olympic tri in 2:37:13.

Races on 5/26

Steven Harrast finished the Bayshore Marathon in 3:17 and said “I’ve learned a lot about being tough from my EN training.  Normally the pain would have stopped me dead, but I kept pushing the way I have been training and finished without letting my head drop.”  Members can see his race report here.


Races on 5/27

Mike Joyner (photo at left) raced in the Cooperstown sprint tri and finished in 1:42.  He said “Using the lessons I have learned from being on Team EN helped me salvage a blown swim, and keep my wits about me while executing a race simulation and not get caught up in “Ricky Racer” mistakes. Working out a long course pacing on a sprint tri, helped me enjoy the event, and not overdo it while recovering from an injury.    Thanks EN!”  Visit his blog for a full race report.

Tim Gagne (photo at right) raced in the Subaru Shawnigan Lake Half Ironman® and PR’d with a time of 5:13:13.  He said Race report says it…… did this race 3 times since 2008 and at 4 years older, after 1st OS 1 month with PT 1st race with wheel cover and running pace strategy, NAILED it. 2nd in AG.    I trained with you guys in 2010 starting right after this race back then and knew going into Canada i was fitter than ever before and confident of PR then crashed on bike….. bring on Canada 2012.”


Races on 5/28

Patricia Rosen raced in the Cap Tex Tri for a new PR and said “Fun race.  Second on bike, but slow on the swim!  Need to practice sighting.  Good run off of the bike    Thanks guys!  More work to do but work works!”


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