Coach Patrick’s Mallorca 312 Race Report

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The Mallora 312 race was a grueling 10-hour ride that challenges even the most seasoned riders.

As I reflect on my experience, I realize that my goal of being strong at the end may have caused me to neglect the beginning of the ride.

I made the mistake of sleeping in and skipping breakfast, which set me back early on. The start of the race was hectic, with a combination of the 312 and faster riders from the middle group all riding out simultaneously. There were several crashes due to distracted riders, emphasizing the need to be fully focused at the start.

Despite my rough start, I was able to connect with friends and even spotted my teammate Marc P. on the course. The first two hours were mostly climbing, which I struggled with due to my back pain and low energy. I skipped the first aid station and fueled up at the next one, where I got a coke and felt my energy turning around.

The second half of the ride was along the coast, which was enjoyable but still required effort. By the five-hour mark, I was feeling much better and able to push through some climbs. I credit this turning point to either having six cans of coke or finally getting into the groove of the ride. 🤣

Throughout the day, I made sure to eat and drink regularly, consuming 7 cans of coke, 6 bottles of energy building, 3 stoop waffles, 14 gels, a sleeve of cliff blocks, 2 twinkies, an apple tart, and 3 energy bars. This fueled me through the ride, even when I had to ride the last 50 miles alone.

At this point, the ride became even tougher, with strong winds and rolling hills. It took some time to find the right group to ride with, but I eventually found a good group and stuck with them. We skipped the last aid station, which was a mistake for me as I needed more liquids. However, the timing man was inside the aid station area, and I was able to grab an open can of coke and continue riding with my group.

Together, we pushed and hammered until the end, dropping even the 70 riders in the train coming into the final straightaway. While I achieved my goal of being strong at the end, I am disappointed in my start and realize that I could have fueled my body better.

Overall, the Mallorca 312 was a fantastic end to our camp week, with closed roads and stunning views. The aid stations and fan support were amazing, and I look forward to coming back in 2024 and bringing others to experience this event.

For the stats folks, I ended up 204 / 1554 in my category.

For now, I’m off to recover with a hamburger and some rest.

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