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Mallorca 312 Map

Coach Patrick’s Mallorca 312 Race Report

800 577 Patrick McCrann

The Mallora 312 race was a grueling 10-hour ride that challenges even the most seasoned riders.

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Finish Line Photo

How I PR’d My Sleep and Nailed the 4 Keys Outside of Triathlon

800 600 Patrick McCrann

The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo fits the bill simply because it has different distances of events and different terrain options. Something for everyone! And just 2h drive from IAD Dulles Airport makes is pretty accessible as well.

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Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

Join EN at the 2021 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo!

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Join EN at the Alpine Gran Fondo!   The 2021 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo will take place Sunday, September 26, 2021. It’s a come-back year for the event. Hey, it’s a comeback year for all of us! There will be opportunities for team members and the general public to join us for a special pre-ride…

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Matt Limbert Crushing Gravel

New Gravel Enduro Plan for 6-hour to 10-hour events

800 529 Patrick McCrann

  We’re very pleased to announce a brand new gravel training plan for Endurance Nation members. Over the past two years, more and more of our members have been tackling these new off-road challenges. It’s about time that we had a training plan specifically to prepare them for this level of adventure. Take the Good…

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Cracking the Winter Training Code for Cyclist

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P introduces the brand new Endurance Nation OutSeason® Plans for Cyclists. These are great to kick off your epic season of Gravel, Fondo or Mountain biking! Key Talking Points The structure of the OS Plans Breakdown of each phase of the…

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Team Endurance Nation vs Eagleman

2020 Key Races Announced

800 509 Patrick McCrann

It’s Official ???? Your selections for 2020 races are complete. This was the first year we have included “epic” (non-triathlon) events in the calendar, so we’ll have a host of new events for next season. The usual Endurance Nation Coaching and Training applies — we will have season long guidance for all of these events…

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