Mastering Wetsuit Selection for Triathletes with Coach Patrick: A Race Day Guide

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Ever felt like a fish out of water in a wetsuit that’s too tight, or flapped around in one that’s too loose? Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation is here to guide you through the choppy waters of selecting a wetsuit that fits just right and matches the demands of your race day. He dives deep into the dual purpose of wetsuits – not only keeping your core body temperature optimal but also enhancing your buoyancy and form. It’s a treasure trove of insights for triathletes eager to optimize comfort and performance.

Imagine zipping up a wetsuit that feels like it was tailored for you, where chafing and restrictions are a thing of the past. During this episode, Coach Patrick unravels the complexities of wetsuit selection, sharing the importance of snug fit around the quads, strategic hip sizing, and the testing of different brands and models. This isn’t just talk; it’s practical advice you can use at your next race or training session. So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Ironman, prepare to up your game in the water with wisdom you can’t afford to miss.