Triathlon Detour to the Road Most Graveled [A Case Study]

800 800 Patrick McCrann
Emily Leaves Triathlon in the Dust for MTB

Emily Conquering the Leadville 100!

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Using Endurance Nation to Help Training Balance

Work/Life/Training Balance  – Using the Ultra MTB program. I did the majority of my training on a trainer. My fitness was just where it needed to be on race day. Very happy with my 10:43 result! I would love to come back and finish sub 10 next year. Now to work on the technical skills for 2020.

Community & Accountability

Community and having multiple platforms to connect with folks. You are able to create the accountability you need, and meeting/racing/training with folks from all over the world is a nice bonus. Some of my closest friends I have met through EN.

Endurance Nation Powered by and for Women

Endurance Nation is an incredible crew that indeed becomes family. I look forward to helping build more content for Female-specific training and racing (since we are not small men 🙂 ) and I have an army of bad a** EN Chicas who are a wealth of knowledge from nutrition, overall health, strength, training, racing, gear, you name it!

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