Triathlete Transitions to Aquabike Domination [A Case Study]

800 800 Patrick McCrann
Joe Hallatschek Aquabike Domination with Endurance Nation

Joe earns 4th place in his Age Group at 2019 Aquabike Nationals!

Work Wasnโ€™t Getting Results, Until Endurance Nation.

Getting slower every year despite working harder. Then, I joined Endurance Nation. OutSeason got me fast then the In-Season plans got me good results

Swim To Success

Not running helped me absorb the harder swim and bike work-outs and add strength training. So, I was able to go into Miami-man in great shape with no lingering injuries. I was able to hit my targets for the swim, T1 and the bike and exceeded my goals.

Why Endurance Nation?

Focused training plans and as a self-coached athlete, able to tap into a community of fellow athletes to work out issues and continue learning. Also, having a Coach to keep me on track is invaluable. AquaBike is a great option if running is no longer possible due to injuries. EN has a great set of training plans that allow someone to continue the multi-sport lifestyle and continue competing at a high level.

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