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Training and Racing the Aqua Bike

542 800 Patrick McCrann

Once upon a time the Aquabike was something no triathlete wanted to do. It was an opportunity that race directors gave athletes who became injured and still wanted to compete. Over time, this small niche has grown to become a very competitive aspect of the triathlon world. There are many events across the country where…

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Joe Hallatschek Aquabike Domination with Endurance Nation

Triathlete Transitions to Aquabike Domination [A Case Study]

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Joe earns 4th place in his Age Group at 2019 Aquabike Nationals! Work Wasn’t Getting Results, Until Endurance Nation. Getting slower every year despite working harder. Then, I joined Endurance Nation. OutSeason got me fast then the In-Season plans got me good results Swim To Success Not running helped me absorb the harder swim and…

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