Coeur d'Alene 2010 Report, Part II: Results and Testimonials

150 150 Rich Strauss

We appreciate your patience as we update you on our Team’s performance, first with pictures and video, then with our Race Report Podcast Series, and now with their results and some excerpts from their race reports in our members-only forum.

Some of you have may have been following our Race Tracker on race day, a neat little tool we’ve built that automagically updates itself on race day with our team’s splits. Unfortunately the RSS feed stopped working sometime during the run so we give you finishing times and a few notes below.

TeamEN Coeur d’Alene Results:

Mike Rudolph: 15:32. Mike lost over 125lb in route to Coeur d’Alene, a life-changing process for him! Note that Mike’s transformation was well on it’s way when he came to EN but…you just can’t get enough before/after pics like this. Awesome!

Al Truscott
— 11:36, 1st in 60-64AG, new course record.
Reed Rinderknecht — 10:13, 17th in 40-44 AG.
Paul Hough —
11:16, 9th AG
Bryan Ogle
— 12:18, responsible for bringing the race to CDA and now with KSwiss
Dominic Malleo
— 12:13, father of 4 (triplets!), 3rd IM with TeamEN
Peter Carroll12:49, 1st Ironman® and 2nd triathlon.
Aaron Linkow — 15:37, father of 3, 1st Ironman

Tom Nelson — 12:38, 1st Ironman. “Spending time with Al Truscott before the race was reassuring as was swimming with him to the first turn buoy.  Seeing Bryan on the bike, Dominic on the ride and run, Matt, Wendy, Mike Rudolph, Peter, Paul and Paul was awesome as well. I think the best part of the day was being done with two IPAs in my belly  and seeing Wendy Price come across the line and her smile.  All in all it was an awesome experience and I am glad I shared my first IM with Endurance Nation.”

Bart Bybee — 12:12
Michele Moreno — 13:01
Lisa McCauley — 14:37
Selina Carpenter — 13:32
Matt Samojeden —  12:12

Glenn Cook — 13:29, 1st Ironman. “EN is by far the most professional training program that I have used; the attention to detail, available resources, and personal input from the coaches and other athletes will not be found elsewhere. It is a phenomenal product.”

Greg McCulloch — 12:07
Carrie Larson
— 13:40, 1st Ironman
Jorge Geronimo — 13:55

Carly Morse — 15:37, 1st Ironman® “And I can’t say thank you enough to Rich, Patrick, the CDA team and all of you watching us that day. It was really great to have this “family” to rely and lean on, especially on Sunday. While I was pretty quiet about all my personal demons that day, seeing all of you on the course helped keep me going – it really makes a huge difference seeing your teammates pop up all over those 140.6 miles. I have to say my biggest thank you definitely goes to Aaron – his motivation and encouragement through that marathon will mean more to me than he will ever know. He definitely saved my race and was the reason I made it to the finish line, and I will be forever grateful to him and EN for that.”

Wendy Price — 16:53
Paul Stone — 16:25. Regroups after being sick much of the night before the race!
Jay Lakamp — 16:32, 1st Ironman
Donna Rice — unfortunately, Donna didn’t make the bike cut off after experiencing some back problems on the course. We hope she’ll give it another shot!!

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