Challenge? Accepted! Take Control of Your Schedule and Get Social with a Weekly Challenge

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Challenge a Friend

It’s hard to find any upside in the world right now, which is why you have to make your own. Here’s how we suggest you tackle the problems of social distancing and the lock-down mentality. 

There’s never been a better time to come up with something fun and new than right now. Virtually the entire planet is under some form of containment order. This means that daily life is effectively on hold, which puts unimaginable strain not only on our basic infrastructure but also on each individual person.

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In times of crisis, there are lots of things that need to be done. At the same time, there are also essential things that each of you can do to keep yourself sane.  I can’t think of anything our world needs more right now than a large contingent or sane people.

Your Mission: Pick a Fight with a Friend

So is something you can consider the when all else fails, reach out to one of your friends and issue a challenge.

Call it a challenge, call it a dare or, call it a bet… I really care what it is…just do it.

Challenging your friend to some form of activity is a great opportunity to check off a bunch of important boxes right now.

First and foremost staying connected socially which is really challenging.

Creating a specific fitness challenge will have you talking and thinking about something else, even if only for a brief while. It also gets you active, which is really important.

And you have some accountability which will keep you on track! Now you’ve got a short term mission at hand. You’ve got things to do every single day to stay engaged. There’s a defined finish line machines that you’ll know when you’ll be done.

I urge you to look outside your normal comfort zone and find someone who maybe doesn’t like the same activities as you do and see if you can get them involved. There are many people out there who don’t have a daily exercise routine, and it’s critical that we all stay active to some degree. In some ways, exercise is one of the few options we have that is completely within our control.

So let’s do this!


Step One: Reach Out

Take a look at your social network or text chat and find someone who’s a good friend that you haven’t connected with an a while. Reach out to see how they’re doing and find out if they’re interested in doing a challenge.

Keep it simple and easy, something that anyone could do at home. It could be a push up challenge, it could be a set of talents, or plank challenge. Maybe it’s a meditation challenge. Maybe it’s a daily run challenge. Or hitting a certain step goal.

Float a couple ideas and see which one sticks!


Step Two: Define the Finish Line

Again, let’s keep this really simple. Start with seven days just to see if it’s possible. Monday to Sunday.

How many steps can you take in those seven days? How much meditation can you get done? How many push-ups can you do?

By setting a to find and in the near future, you make this challenge achievable and more engaging.


Step Three: Commit to Daily Updates

At least once a day you should sit down and reach out with your achievement totals — both for the day and cumulative.

For example, if you are doing a steps challenge you might tell your total number of steps for the day as well as your cumulative steps across the challenge thus far.

This gives your friend/foe the chance to modify their routine to stay on track.


Step Four: Smack Talk Encouraged!

Half the fun of challenging your friends is to give them a hard time. And vice versa!

Feel free to make fun of, cajole, mock, and provoke your friend into playing along.

One of the best parts about being in a challenge is having a little bit of fun with the competition.


Step Five: Pictures Mandatory!

We live in a digital age where everything is documented with pictures.

If you’re in a walking challenge, make sure that part of it requires a daily picture from somewhere on one of your walks. Maybe even a picture of the pedometer you’re using for validation purposes.

Pictures are not only confirmation of the work that you’re doing, they’ll capture the story when the challenge is done.


Step Six: Celebrate the Victory

Let’s be honest, competing is only half the fun. At the end of the day someone will win, so be ready for it.

Be sure to have criteria for defining who the winner is and have a mini celebration. This can be anything from a virtual high five to may be sending the victor some kind of reward in the mail.

Or, if you’ve lost a bet challenge, perhaps confessing a social media to one of your biggest weaknesses.

Whether it was a “carrot” or a “stick” challenge, be sure to enjoy your shared accomplishments over the last seven days.


What’s Your Next Challenge?

With you the 7-day challenge under your belt, what’s next? Maybe your friend has a new challenge idea for you?

Maybe both of you should go reach out and find a new friend to challenge for the next seven days.

Mix it up and be sure to pick something that’s outside of your comfort zone, or one that’s maybe tied to a broader goal.

In fact it doesn’t just have to be athletics, you can do challenges around reading, learning to juggle, trying to learn a new language or teaching your dog a new trick.

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