Spring Strava Challenges for the Phoenix Double Century Ride

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Challenges to prepare you for a Double Century

We are super excited about the upcoming June 11 and June 12 Double Century Ride known as the Phoenix Challenge (www.weridewerise.com).  This challenge series is meant to be part of your foundational build-up, do them as you like. Even if you aren’t going to be able to make the ride, participate virtually and see if you can win some cool stuff.

If you want to join us, do it! We will have professional support on the route allowing you to push your limits safely knowing that you’ve got food and everything taken care of. We bring your dry clothes bag to the other side so you can recover with some good food and beverages before we return the next day. Full details are available online here: www.weridewerise.com


Here are the Rules

1. Join the Phoenix Challenge Strava Club online here: www.strava.com/clubs/we-ride-we-rise

2. On your social channels, find and follow our supporting sponsors. This way you can tag them easily as you complete your challenge by the end of the week. Here’s a list of them all for you….and we have something pretty cool from almost all of them to reward you with!

3. We’ll contact you via Strava or your Socials to announce the winner, so stay tuned to your inbox!

[Week of April 19th] Ride 5 Times In A Week

Get your two wheels on! Preparing for a double century isn’t easy, so let’s saddle up. Log five separate rides this week, you can do it! When you’re done, post a collage of photos to your instagram that includes your weekly total.

Be sure to tag all our sponsors and add the hashtag #weridewerise @mileeighteen @rudyproject @castellicycling @genucan @ridgesupply @theimpossibleroute @teamendurancenation


[Week of May 3rd] Your Epic Pit Stop Photo

Get out and adventure for this challenge! Take your best photo that shows off what’s awesome in your neck of the woods.

When you post, be sure to tag all our sponsors and add the hashtag #weridewerise @mileeighteen @rudyproject @castellicycling @genucan @ridgesupply @theimpossibleroute @teamendurancenation

[Week of May 17th]  Century Ride Challenge!

Pump up the tires it’s going to be a long day! This should be your first outdoor century and we hope you’re ready! Log a single 100-mile session and add the pictures to prove you got it done.

Be sure to tag all our sponsors and add the hashtag #weridewerise @mileeighteen @rudyproject @castellicycling @genucan @ridgesupply @theimpossibleroute @teamendurancenation


[Week of May 24th]  10k Vertical Challenge

“10k Vertical Challenge” What goes up…must keep going up! Your goal this week is to earn 50% of the elevation the Phoenix Double Century Challenge across all your rides. When you hit the mark be sure to post and tell us what keep you going to your goal!

Be sure to tag all of our sponsors and add the hashtag #weridewerise @mileeighteen @rudyproject @castellicycling @genucan @ridgesupply @theimpossibleroute @teamendurancenation

[Week of May 31st]  Your Post Ride Recovery Meal

“Your Post Ride Recovery Meal” Tell us what fuels you! How do you replace all those calories after these epic sessions? We expect a post-ride picture of you, in your favorite kit, consuming the superfood of your choice.

Be sure to tag all our sponsors and add the hashtag #weridewerise @mileeighteen @rudyproject @castellicycling @genucan @ridgesupply @theimpossibleroute @teamendurancenation


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