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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Day Three of the Lake Placid camp arrives. We had an early run on schedule because of the local half and full marathon distance race the runs on the same Sunday of every camp weekend. It seems like no matter where I move camp so two moves the official Lake Placid Marathon.

Pre Day Three Run

We made a move to escape town early by starting a run at seven, with the official race not starting until eight. Stepping outside it was clear that today was going to be a very windy day from the outset. The Courtyard Marriott is nestled in a small area and the fact that we could feel it even there meant that things were going to be windy on the rest of the course.

Our route was to start by heading out of town for 4 1/2 miles of rolling to downhill terrain — with a slight tailwind. The return trip would be exactly the opposite. With the winds blowing cooler temperatures abounded. It made for great running weather despite the wind.

Most campers complained of not having spring in their step after two days of long rides and short runs. This is par for the course. 112+ miles of biking can do that to you!

Mid Run Pit Stop at Lake Placid

Team Canada Has Too Much Energy!!

Our goal on Day Three for running is to be steady and to have a solid last third or quarter of the run.

Ideally this would include the climb into town from Lisa geez up to the brewery. Race day itself does not bring incredible speed or anything new – in fact much of race day success is simply defined by not slowing down on the run.

Chasing the EN Gang Sign at Lake Placid Camp

Chasing the EN Gang Sign at Lake Placid Camp

Running on the third day of camp is an excellent opportunity to test this premise. It also allows athletes to get a good sense of where their body will be at this point on the course on race day itself.

Now of course if race day turns out to be incredibly hot this year, campers will have to do some adjusting. That’s why they’ll stay in touch with us for the rest of their training cycle through the race itself.

Getting Ready for 2016 Race Day in Lake Placid?

In addition to the support we’ve giving campers here on site, participants will enjoy a free 10 AM Friday pre-race talk at the movie theater in town. Bring your training partners friends and teammates to experience this 90 minute presentation on how to make your next Lake Placid your best one yet. You can find find more info and RSVP online here.

Many thanks to all the campers who attended and made our 16th annual event so much fun. Happy final training weeks and I look forward to seeing you guys up in Lake Placid again in a month and a half!

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