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All for Speed

Endurance Nation’s FREE Summer Speed Program

Using our free eight week program, you will be able to add additional speed before your next big race. Forget about missed opportunities in the winter and recent poor performances on race day. This is your chance to use our proven training and racing methodology to reignite your season before the year is over. Read on or…

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Speed as a Tool | Voice of the Nation Podcast

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for this look at speed as a training tool, not a target outcome. It’s easy to start chasing speed for results, but that often means losing out on the big picture goals you have for your season. Tune in to learn how you can balance your training and intermediate results en route to achieving your long-term goals.      

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Improving Your Swim Technique

I’ve got news for you. The former swimmers in the triathlon community are sandbagging. We have formed a conspiracy to keep swim splits ridiculously slow, compared to what we could do “back in the day.” We can do this because we have a stroke and you don’t. If you guys spent as much money improving…

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JV to Varsity Ironman

This summer I’ve coached a solid 12 to 14 athletes to Coeur d’Alene and IMLP. I’ve been with several of these folks for multiple seasons and for the others this was the conclusion of our first season together. It has been great to be a part of their evolution across one season, often to their…

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Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching, Part II: Lactate Threshold

In Part I we introduced you to our Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching and discussed one through four. To review, the Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching are: Real World Volume Maximize Return on Time Invested Fitness = Ability to Perform More Work Intensity = Most Flexible Tool to Manipulate Training Load The Best Predictor of…

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