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Ambassador Spotlight – Scott Davis

    Endurance Nation Ambassador – Scott Davis Ever thought to yourself, “I could do an IRONMAN® Triathlon if I had enough time to train and still have a life?” Well, you’re not alone. We recently interviewed Endurance Nation Ambassador, Scott Davis on this very topic. Scott juggles his own business and beautiful wife and children…

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Florida Recap: Michael Johnson's PR in Ironman #12!

[box] Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( to learn more about how Team Endurance Nation veteran member Michael Johnson paced his day to his some personal bests. Mike is a great, low-key guy and this interview includes some excellent insights on finding improvement in the advanced stages of your Ironman® athletic career!  Listen to the Podcast…

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2013 Florida Race Recap with Coach Patrick

Another early November, another Florida in the books. This edition of the race did not fail to disappoint in terms of challenges and excitement, but at the end of the day everyone who participated (and watched!) was reminded that any journey of 140.6 miles is just really, really hard. If you want to skip to…

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Florida 2011 Post Race Coach Recap

Coach Patrick was on hand to support the 28 members racing and the handful of Training Plan athletes. Across all these folks, we have a pretty good sense of how the day played out.

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Florida 2010: Endurance Nation ReCap

The following is a quick recap from IM Florida 2010 by Coach Patrick. This will become a full report later this week, as we add podcast interviews and more photos. For now you can see our pictures online via SmugMug and learn more about the weekend by cruising the official EN vs Ironman Florida site. If you like the vibe and want to explore Team EN, please become an ENFan, get a FREE Four Keys DVD and a link to create a free Five Day Trial and save $30/month on EN membership!!

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Meet the Team: EN vs Florida 2010

This year we have a handful of Team EN athletes competing at Ironman Florida. They are an awesome bunch, some new and some veterans, all coming to put their mental and physical mettle to the test in the classic one-day event. The 2010 edition sees the bike course changed due to some new roads, but guaranteed there will be suffering and spectacle on the big day. Learn more about the Team and the unique individuals who make up our IMFL crew below. You can also track them online on race day using our Team Tracking Sheet (coming soon to the EN homepage).

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