Endurance Nation’s First Time Finish™ Program and upcoming eBook

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Endurance Nation's FirstTimeFinish™ Guarantee Program

You will finish your first Ironman. We guarantee it.

That’s a bold statement and we know it. We also know that we can back it up with our proven triathlon training methods.

Announcing the Endurance Nation FirstTimeFinish™ Guarantee.

We guarantee that you will finish your first Ironman™ triathlon when you train with Team Endurance Nation – if you don’t reach the finish line, we will pay the registration fees for your next Ironman™ (read on for the fine print!).

Training and racing your first Ironman™ is a massive undertaking, an incredible investment of time and money. Yet every year a small handful of athletes do all the work required to complete the event, and are still unable to finish thanks to race day misfortune. Perhaps it’s a mechanical issue, an unfortunate crash, a nutritional meltdown or a traumatic injury. Whatever the reason, your first attempt at the distance now requires a very expensive do-over.

Instead of worrying about whether you’ll even make it through one leg of the race as a beginner, we will train you to think like a veteran Ironman® competitor. Through a combination of TeamCoaching, a vast library of training plans and resources, training camps, webinars, videos, podcasts, and so much more, we can positively guarantee that you will cross the finish line of your first Ironman.

The Endurance Nation FirstTimeFinish™ Guarantee is simple, but there is some fine print.

  • We have created a coaching, training, and racing system that yields proven results – Endurance Nation has had over 1000 Ironman® finishers per year since 2010. We are the 2013 Ironman® TriClub Division I World Champions, making us the largest and most active triathlon team in the world.
  • As a member of TeamEN, we will plug you into our TeamCoaching system and we guarantee that you will finish your first Ironman™.
  • If you start, but do not finish the race—for any reason—we will pay for your next Ironman® entry, up to a $700 value.

In short, we know what we’re doing, stand by our work, and will pay for your next race if we fail to bring you across that finish line!

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Crossing the Line: Everything You Need to Know About Racing Your First Ironman® But Were Afraid To Ask – A new ebook for the First Time Ironman

If you’re still waffling over joining Team EN and starting the FirstTimeFinish™ program, let us give you a better understanding of how Endurance Nation approaches Ironman® competitions with first time athletes. In early March, we are releasing Crossing the Line: Everything You Need to Know About Racing Your First Ironman® But Were Afraid To Ask, a comprehensive eBook resource specifically geared toward the beginner Ironman® athlete, engineered to teach you everything you need to know to finish your first Ironman!

In this brand new book, we will share with you the tools and perspectives we’ve learned over 25 combined years of Ironman® coaching, nearly 30 of our own Ironman® finishes, and over 1,000 Team Endurance Nation Ironman® finishes per year since 2010.

We’ve created this beginner’s guide to Ironman® training and execution to improve the support we provide to the first time Ironman® athletes on our Team. Our goal here is to teach them everything they need to know to be 100% ready for their first big race — and we are sharing almost all of it with you!

We have a Training and Racing System that Works

The results don’t lie. You don’t bring thousands of Ironman® finishers across the line and build the world’s largest and most active Triathlon Team by not knowing what you’re doing. But more importantly, we feel Endurance Nation is a pretty neat space – we’ve captured our experience, and the experience of members, to create a system of time efficient training and racing processes that simply works for real world, busy age groupers.

We Prove Ourselves by Teaching

But the first step in that process is for us to prove to you that we know what we’re doing. This eBook is a glimpse inside how we work with Endurance Nation triathletes. By teaching you the lessons we’ve learned and sharing the information we’ve gathered over many years, you will not only be more prepared for your first Ironman®, you’ll be a smarter athlete. When it’s all said and done, we hope you decide to become a team member and considering joining Endurance Nation.

Sharing is the Right Thing to Do

Finally, we’ve built our Team of Ironman® athletes by freely sharing what we know and encouraging them to do the same. We, as a Team, are smarter and better athletes for it. And it’s just the right thing to do.

We’re excited to offer the First Time Finish Program and the Crossing the Line: Everything You Need to Know About Racing Your First Ironman® But Were Afraid To Ask ebook to you. Our main mission is to help you achieve your endurance goals, on your schedule. Join us now to get started.

To receive EN’s Crossing the Line: Everything You Need to Know About Racing Your First Ironman® But Were Afraid To Ask eBook, register for the Endurance Nation Weekly Update newsletter. We’ll send the eBook directly as soon as it’s released. 


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