Nailing Your Long Course Race Triathlon Taper

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With Ironman® USA around the corner, and customary race execution focus in full effect, it’s time to dig back into the EN archives for more info on tapering. We have one podcast for your listening pleasure…so back away from the ledge, put down that triple espresso and tune into what’s going on right now with our training, body, and mind!

If you need to understand the taper, and understand the demons that are tearing at you right now, in the last few weeks before your race, then you’ll want to read the Ironman® Tweak. This is a complete mental and physical overview of the what, when, why and how of tapering for an Ironman.

For the full technicolor (and latest) version on this topic, please download and listen to our Ironman® Taper Podcast Episode.
Join Rich and Patrick for this hour long show that covers the elusive Ironman® taper. In addition to outlining how you can set up your own taper, Rich and Patrick conduct an interview with Dave Halligan about his experience at the Mooseman Half. Your fearless leaders finally have time to discuss a few of the nuances of the IM Coeur d’Alene swim and transition areas. A great hour!


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