How To: Adding A Last Minute Ironman to Your Season

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We get really good questions every week from you, our loyal audience. Some are really personal, others are really crazy, but most are applicable to the greater tri space. Instead of emailing just you back, in true EN spirit we’ll be sharing some of our responses so the at-large triathlon community can benefit. After all, together we are much smarter than any single one of us could ever be. So without further delay…

“After Arizona last year I was a little burned out and thought about taking a year away from IM. I was already signed up for CA 70.3® but nothing after that. Thought about focusing on a marathon, but once your in Tri training it’s hard to get jazzed up about that.

I’m now on your 70.3® plan and, after only 4 weeks, it really has got my juices flowing again. So… I started thinking: Can I leverage that into a full IM in Coeur d’Alene 13 weeks later? Then I won’t have to lose the fitness as I did last year while having to wait till fall for IMAZ. And if I want to run a marathon I can do it early in the fall.

I haven’t seen your 12 week full IM plan. Would it work right after your 12 week 70.3® and a week of down time after Oceanside? Given the EN philosophy, I imagine I don’t need to worry about not having put in longer volume before that 12 weeks kicks in and the 12 week IM would start.” — Marc F.

Yes, the 12-week Ironman® plan would work, although depending on how much work you have done for the 70.3, I’d probably:

  • Take 1 very light week, following the transition guidance in the EN Manual.
  • Take 1 week light with a big volume weekend (or just day) for Fri/Sat. Not hard, just two big days, Sunday OFF. Here’s some additional guidance.
  • Monday pick up plan with Week 11.



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