Cycling 2.0 — Training & Racing with Power (Meet Up)

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Where: TriFitLab, 337 Water Street, Warren, RI 02885 (view map); Phone: 401-289-2850
When: Monday March 1st, 2010 at 7pm
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Join elite triathlon coach Patrick McCrann for a powerful seminar on how to take your cycling game to the next level with a powermeter. In addition to discussing the various powermeter models on the market today, Patrick will cover the following topics:

  • Lifestyle advantages of using power;
  • Why racing with power is like cheating for triathletes;
  • Why roadies need power to measure strength (and recovery);
  • The value of functional testing
  • The “real” power training zones
  • Computrainers vs PowerStudios vs Powermeters, and
  • How you can train like a powermeter athlete even if you don’t have one (yet!)

The seminar will have plenty of time for Q&A, so bring all your questions!

Everyone who attends will get a free copy of the Introduction to Training with Power for Triathletes eBook from Endurance Nation. Attendees will also be able to enter a raffle for the chance to save $100 of the purchase of a PowerTap powermeter.

BONUS: Snacks and beverages (malty and otherwise) will be provided!!!

Who is Coach Patrick?

Patrick McCrann is one of a handful of elite triathlon and endurance sport coaches based in the US. Patrick has spent the last seven+ years building an unparalleled network of internet-based resources and real-world training opportunities, including Endurance Nation, Triathlon Execution, and Patrick’s articles on triathlon, training and the endurance lifestyle have appeared on, TransitionTimes, and in Inside Triathlon magazine. Patrick currently coaches and consults from a corner of his dining room table in Boston where:

  • He has coached over 150 athletes to the Ironman® finishline, including the World Champs in Hawaii.
  • He has completed fourteen Ironman® races, including three trips to Kona, from a low of 11:44 to his personal best of 10:01.
  • He spends as much time as possible with his wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.

Who is Endurance Nation?

Endurance Nation ( is a Team of 400+ triathletes who train and race half and full irondistance events across the US and around the world. With busy lives and important priorities such as family, work, and personal growth, we are focused on achieving the maximum return on every training minute and triathlon dollar. Head coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann, recognized experts in training and racing Ironman, have built an unmatched suite of training plans, multimedia resources, training camps, and race day support.

What is TriFitlab?
TriFitLab ( is Rhode Island’s only triathlon and cycling center, where you can find:

  • An 8-rider Computrainer System employing Ergvideo technology
  • The world renowned Bike Fit studio of
  • A triathlon boutique featuring the best products including Kestrel bicycles, Fuel Belt, ISM saddles, Keywin pedals, Nuun hydration, Aquaman wetsuits and much more!

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    Trainers are also hard on tires, particularly mountain bike and cyclocross tires, which are more knobby to provide traction. Many riders will swap out their regular tires for a trainer tire, specially designed to withstand the friction involved with cycling training.

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