2013 OutSeason® Training Plan Sale — October 29th through November 30th

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We have completed our final edits based on member / athlete feedback and will release our 2013 OutSeason® training plans to public on October 29th.


2013 OutSeason® Training Plans

$99 for 14wks of training — only $7/week!

Sale ends at midnight, November 30th


Ninth Generation of Improvement

2013 will be our ninth generation of these plans, rewritten one to two times per year based on our coaching and training experience, and the feedback of our athletes and training plan customers.

Used by Thousands of Busy Age Group Triathletes

Since 2005, several thousand triathletes have used our OutSeason® training plans and our “FAST then FAR” approach to achieve massive PRs at all triathlon distances, with fewer training hours invested, allowing the preserve their heads and SAUs (Spousal Approval Units) in advance of a long triathlon season.

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2013 changes and improvements include:

Training Plan Shortened from 20 to 14 Weeks

For 2013 we decided to shorten the OutSeason® training plans from 20 to 14 weeks. The data showed that most athletes peaked here; and only the strongest could complete the remaining six weeks. This also creates an opportunity for our athletes to then insert, at the conclusion of the OutSeason:

  • A Six-Week Bike- or Run-Focused Training Plan
 — We take the fitness they’ve built through 14 weeks of OutSeason® training and apply that to significantly improving their weaker sport in advance of the Race Preparation Phase of their training.   Or…
  • An Eight-Week Get Faster Training Plan
 — We take that OutSeason® fitness and drop them into the higher volume, more balanced training plan that is our Get Faster plan. Our goal here is to continue to sharpen their fitness in advance of a later Race Preparation Phase.

These two specialized training plans are not available to the public; they are part of the members-only toolkit we use to manage the training of our athletes.

As a training plan customer, you will receive a limited-time-only email invitation to join TeamEN during one of our membership drives, if you want to apply your OutSeason® fitness into one of these specialized plans en route to your 2013 season.

Specific OutSeason® Training Block Guidance

Even within an abbreviated OutSeason, we divide the plan into two distinct phases. Completion of each section represents a significant milestone; a chance to review progress and renew commitment for the next stage of training.

Each section includes a discussion–at the start of each block–of goals, objectives, suggested modifications, etc, all specific to each training block.

The blocks are as follows:

  • OutSeason® Weeks 1-8 — A launching phase that focuses on creating quality fitness gains in a short period of time. On the run, you will focus on lifting pace & speed at Lactate or Functional Threshold. On the bike, you will focus on a mixture of Threshold and VO2 level work to raise your power & speed.
  • OutSeason Weeks 9-14 — A continued “mixed” push of Threshold and VO2 on the bike with a shift to lifting pace & speed on the run at Vo2Max.

Tweaked VO2 Guidance for the Bike

In 2012 we moved to “informal” scheduling of Vo2 intervals, as “ON/OFF” time managed by the individual athletes. For 2013, Rich and Patrick, after experimenting with their own training, have decided to integrate formal Vo2 intervals with the existing threshold intervals across nearly every week of the 14-week OutSeason® training plan. This refined combination allows for deeper, more continued fitness development across the full training plan.

OutSeason® Recovery Week (from 2012)

We included an OutSeason® Recovery Week after finding that many of our athletes and training plan customers found themselves needing a week, usually after about week 14 or so, to recharge their bodies and reset their heads before the final push. We’re confident that reducing the length of the plan from 20 to 14 weeks has also reduced the need for this recovery week, but we’ve included it anyway.

Our 2013 OutSeason® training plan sale begins on October 29th.

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