Outseason Testimonial from Greg Palmer [Michigan]

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The following is some athlete feedback from Greg Palmer, pictured above in the blue jacket with the green sleeves. Greg has been with the Team throughout the winter building into his first official season with us.

Greg is a seasoned athlete, and he brings a fair amount of fitness and experience to the table. His perspective on the training is what makes the feedback below really valuable to share.

As a Coach, this type of feedback is critical in order to be able to make adjustments moving forward.

In other words, data is only part of the equation. Subjective feedback is really important and allows me to broaden my scope to include all aspects of an artist experience: physical and mental.

Our athletes have dedicated space is where they can communicate with me and each other to continue their learning and forward progress. There are both weekly and monthly check inns, depending on your membership level. It is this feedback cycle that creates a positive change we’re looking for across each season.

In this case, Greg has really been working hard throughout the winter and has found great results. Moving forward into the uncertain 2021 season, our job will be to maintain fitness until the event schedule becomes more realistic.

Enter Greg…


Thank you for a great built program. Here are some takeaways based on the past few months of training.

Takeaways & Accomplishments:

  1. Functional Threshold Power from 270 to 288 (still feel like I can get back to 300, I can see the end of the tunnel).
  2. Running has improved 100% not only based on time/speed but also form. Not afraid of the run anymore.
  3. CTL the week of September 1st was 79 I am now at 155.
  4. Not worried about the swim (Greg is a swimmer!)
  5. The Saturday EN Hang-On Ride on Zwift has been a great weekly test of fitness for me.
  6. Ran my 2nd fastest half-marathon time ever at the end of the OutSeason program.
  7. I am down 4-5 lbs.
  8. My in-season long run times are so much faster relative to other years that I was training for big races. I always run faster off the bike than in stand-alone runs.
  9. I have been playing with fueling on my big blocked weekends and have realized even for races in the past that I was in shape for…..I was way under-fueled and caffeinated.

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