Meet the Team: Lake Placid 2013 – Part 2

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Ironman® Lake Placid. It’s mention is enough to make mere mortals quiver in their boots. But for TeamEN, it’s just another run in the park. And swim. And bike. The 2013 Lake Placid is this weekend, and TeamEN is representing huge this year, with nearly 80 members racing one of the premier Ironmans in the world. Now, even though we’ve had record high temps, race day looks to have cloudy skies and some rain in the forecast, with temps only in the 70sF. Not a bad way to spend race day. No matter what the weather, let’s meet the TeamEN members racing Lake Placid this year.

P.S. – There are so many TeamEN members racing this year, we had to split this post in half, so please head over to Part 1 and Part 3 to meet the rest of the team!

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Jodi Harbin - Team Endurance NationJodi Harbin

I am from hot, flat Valdosta, GA, just miles from the Florida line. I have been doing triathlons for 12 years, with my first Ironman® in 2007. I have done Louisville 2007, 2009 and Florida 2009. I hope to ride more conservatively than in the past so I can greatly improve my run! My secret weapons are what I’ve learned from EN and my iron Sherpa husband who will drive, camp, and cheer me on the whole way. My one thing is my 17 year xc runner daughter who will be ghost yelling in my ear that walking is not gonna get it done! I also will be riding with a picture of my good friend Donaldson, 43, father of two, recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His race is much tougher than mine.

Kevin Bartlett

My name is kevin bartlett I’m from pinehurst north carolina. I have been participating in triathlons for 7 years. Ironman® lake placid will be my first race with in the last 2 years. I have attempted 2 ironmans before and because of other external reasons have had unsuccessful try’s. my goal this ironman is to finish. I pulled my right Achilles at the end of June and will have no running within the last 4 weeks of race day. I am new to endurance nation, this is my first race with using there training plan. Before my injury I was showing signs of some of my best endurance fitness, at this point the run will be an unknown for me. I look Foward to seeing if I get a chance to test out the hard work that has been put forth over last few months. Regardless of what happens come race day, I am a firm believer with endurance nation training tools and methods and look Foward to a healthy PR one day soon.

John Withrow - Team Endurance NationJohn Withrow

I live in Scotch Plains, NJ with my beautiful wife (and fellow EN’er) Jess and our two boys, JT (6.5) and Luke (5). My first triathlon ever was in 2010 and after joining EN in Sept ’11, I have completed 3 Ironmans. I started triathlon as an experiment to see if I could do something that I knew I should stink at. I was the single slowest runner on my college wrestling team. I was -230 lbs at my peak (with a big neck and shoulders and scrawny weak legs) and almost didn’t sign up for my first OLY because I had doubts that I could ever finish a 10k run.

Lake Placid will be the first Ironman® that I will be ‘racing’ instead of just participating! I signed up for the race through the IM Executive Challenge so if I win out of the 5 in my age group, then I get a Kona Slot. It’s a bit of a long shot since there are a couple of really fast dudes in my AG, but I’m gunning for it anyways. I’m secretly hopping for a 110 degrees race day with high humidity and 50 mph cross and head winds coming off of whiteface mountain. While I may lack natural ability, I believe my Execution Ninja skills will be my secret weapon in bad conditions as my competitors blow themselves up. I’m putting this out there to all of you to keep myself focused and because I love pressure so this will be my ‘One Thing’ as things start to get very hard late in the day.

I race Ironman® to raise money for a charity called ReserveAid of which I am a founding Board member. We make need based grants to the families of service men and women of all branches of the military who are suffering financial hardships from their service. Our primary focus is on Reservists and National Guard members. Our team has raised over $500,000 from Ironman® events over the past 2 yrs and would certainly like to build on that this yr. There is a great 5 minute video about Team ReserveAid at IMNYC last year on our website here:

And if you are in a position to donate to our cause, you can do it here:

There have been at least a dozen Team ReserveAid members as part of EN over the yrs and there will be 18 of us racing in the Team ReserveAid kits at Placid, so please share some MoJo with us on race day and don’t be surprised when some dude in a ReserveAid kit smiles and yells “EN” at you on the course!

Craig Marchand

I’m from Brooklin (Toronto area) Ontario. I’m new to endurance sports by 2 years. I’ve only done one tri so I’m pretty nervous about IM!

My race day goal for this race is just to finish feeling good, then build speed over my OS and come back fast next year!

Albert “Pat” Pattillo

Hi ENTeam, I am from Kerrville, Texas, am the husband of Sheri for 23 years, have a son, Parker, who will be a junior in high school and another son who as a New Cadet is right now in Cadet Basic Training at the United States Military Academy at West Point. My first triathlon was in 2004 and this will be my fourth IronMan! My race day goals are to finish, to have fun and enjoy the day as I view the race is not being the test but rather the reward, to execute and race my race smartly and set a great example for living the truth that the Glory of God is man fully alive and that nothing is impossible! Go Team-You Can Do This!!

Leslie Schneider - Team Endurance NationLeslie Schneider

I live in the New York metropolitan area – about 50 miles north of NYC. I did my first triathlon back in 1997 and have dipped in and out of the sport ever since. I’ve completed sprint, Oly, and 70.3® events but Lake Placid will be my first Ironman. My training has been spotty as I have had some health challenges the past few months. I hope I finish, but even if I don’t I know it will be a great experience. I’ve learned so much since joining EN from both the coaches and all of you. I can’t wait to see some familiar faces and meet new EN folks next week. I wish everyone racing the best of luck!

Joe Manning -  - Team Endurance NationJoe Manning

My name is Joe Manning. I live in Fort Collins, CO with my wife Jill and my two daughters Jordan (11) and Jenna 9.

I tell most people that I’m a roadie that dabbles in triathlon. I race for the Rio Grande Cycling team in Ft Collins and fortunately we’ve got a number of Ironmen and Kona qualifiers that are also amazing cyclists on the team so they tolerate my triathlon dabbling.

I started triathlon in 2000 and completed my first IM at the inaugural St George event in 2010. That was supposed to be my first and last IM, but we all know how that goes.

LP is going to be special to me for a lot of reasons. I grew up nearby and Lake Placid has always seemed like a magical place that holds a lot of great memories. I will have the privilege of racing in front of my ENTIRE family and sharing the IM experience with them.

As always my number one goal is to enjoy the day. That said, last time I was just looking to finish, but this time I’d like to see how well I can execute. I’m excited to be in a position to really “race” at mile 18.

Paul Takac -  - Team Endurance NationPaul Takac

Live in State College, PA. Married (Regan) with three kids (ages 8-16). I’ve been doing triathlon for last 3-4 years and have been a member of EN almost as long. This is my third IM (along with 4-5 halts). Goal this year is to finish with a smile (same as every year). However, this go ’round I lost a lot of time and fitness to Pertussis after Lake Placid last year. People ask me which of the three disciplines I’m best at – and honestly I have to say “none of the above”….



Kate Leary

I started triathlon five years ago, when I retired from teaching, and I immediately developed a passion for the sport. Being a “fast twitch girl,” I have concentrated on the shorter races, but I have completed two 70.3® races. Lake Placid will be my first iron distance competition, and I hope to finish smiling. I’m from Buffalo, NY, where we consider Lake Placid as our “home field,” so I’ll be a lucky athlete with supportive friends and family, both in the race and in the crowd, cheering. What a way to celebrate turning 60!

Jess Withro  - Team Endurance NationJess Withrow

I live in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, with John and our two boys JT and Luke. After having children and leaving full time work as an Occupational Therapist behind, I found myself searching for a hobby, but never had the time to take one up because I spent all of my free time at the gym. When John suggested that I join him and a group of friends for a local sprint triathlon, I agreed – but knew I’d have to learn how to swim first! Fast forward four years and two Ironman® finishes later – Lake Placid will be my third Ironman® as part of Team ReserveAid. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing organization and to serve the incredible men and women who sacrifice so much to serve our country.

My race day goals are simple: To cheer on my EN and Team ReserveAid teammates from the course, and to finish with a smile on my face! Looking forward to seeing all of you on race day!

Jim Daley - Team Endurance NationJim Daley

This will be my second Ironman® – the first being Lake Placid in 2011. That was a great race. Two years later I’m ligher, faster, and stronger and so have the potential to go faster. But it’s a long day as we all know and I will be happy to simply cross the finish line again, regardless of what the day brings. After melting down in the heat at Rev3 Quassy earlier this year, I am looking forward to cooler conditions and a better race in Lake Placid! I live in Delmar, NY – a few miles south of Albany and about a 2.5 hour drive from Lake Placid. My wife Carrah and 14 year-old daughter Caitlin will be on hand to cheer me on, along with many other family members. Looking forward to hanging with the team and a great time in Placid!


Lori LazorikLori Lazorik - Team Endurance Nation

I live in Vero Beach, Florida and after 25 years of marathons I decided to expand my fitness level and signed up for my first Sprint triathlon. Five years into the sport, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and variety.

IM LP is my second full Ironman. Going for the podium and secretly hoping for HOT HOT weather (sorry all), since it will help level the playing field for this Florida flat-lander. My long shot goal, a Kona slot. Miracles happen in Lake Placid!

My one thing: “Walking the Talk” for my daughter, Olivia, “anything is possible with dedication and hard work !”


John Bayone - Team Endurance NationJohn Bayone

I am 43 and from Brick, NJ. Lake Placid 2013 will be my first full ironman, and only my 3rd triathlon, since my first triathlon last summer. In the spring of 2011, this all started out as going running a few days a week, after more than a 20 year break, to try to loose some weight. Well…two years, 30 pounds, and couple of marathons later, it has all been worth it.

Since I started training with EN in 2012, I have learned a lot with the help from Rich & Patrick, as well as everyone on the team. The training plans, along with their guidance, have allowed me enough flexibility to be as prepared as I could be, even with traveling a lot for work. Thank you everyone for your help this past year, with all my questions.

Just a few race goals, get out of the lake, Stick to nutrition plan & goal watts on the bike, and run strong to the finish. If I can do that, the times will not matter.

Jeff Sullivan - Team Endurance NationJeff Sullivan

From Boston NY. 57 yrs old. Racing Tri’s for 4 yrs and EN member since Oct 2010. This is my 2nd race @ LP. My wife and 2 sons are also into the Tri lifestyle. I happen to be the slow one though. My wife (Mary Ann) is chief Sherpa next week. I will then Sherpa her and our older son In London @ short course worlds in Sept. Attached is a photo from EN Blue Ridge cycling camp 2 months ago where my older son and I summited Mt Mitchell. I had a 24 mile head start (82 mi vs. 106 mi) and he caught up w/me 250 meters below the summit. My LP goal for this yr – finish before the sun sets (sub 14 hrs). My one thing for after mile 18 on the run = “Toughen up Buttercup”. The basis for my one thing is related to the long ride/story that led to the summit photo LOL.

Steve West - Team Endurance NationSteve West

I am 55 and live in Orono Maine with my wife Carole. We’ve been a couple since 1995 but finally married on 12/12/12. We both have adult children. My son lives in Tacoma WA, Carole’s daughter is in Naples FL, and her son is in Shenzhen China. My day job has me doing mapping and analysis for 835,000 acres of timberland in Maine. Carole works as an ICUPICU nurse at EMMC. We both enjoy hiking, camping, and 100 mile canoe trips

I began endurance sports in 2004 with a marathon, I am now up to 20. My first triathlon was in 2009. Since then I have completed 4 HIMs, 2 more Olympic distance and several sprints. I have been a member of EN since the fall of 2010 in preparation for Lake Placid ‘11. This will be my second full IM and second go at Lake Placid. My dream race would be to finish in 11:xx, but a more realistically goal is to PR at sub 12:40.

My motto is: “Go until you stop. If you’re not done, go some more”

Cary Blanco - Team Endurance NationCary Blanco

Atlantic Beach, NY. Marketing and Artist Relations guy for a Musical Equipment manufacturer. This will be my third showing at Ironman® Lake Plaid. I signed up for 2013 as a “do over” from last year as I got sick on the course and had to dig down deep to drag myself to the finish. I’ve been with EN since ’09 and I’m going to use Endurance Nation’s race execution methods to be sure that I have the best race possible with the fitness I’m bringing to the starting line. I’ll be wearing my local tri club’s (Runner’s Edge) kit, so if you’re on the course looking out for me, keep that in mind. I have no set goals for the event other than enjoying myself from start to finish.




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Are you going to Ironman® Lake Placid? Then make sure you attend the 10th Annual 4 Keys of Ironman® Execution Lake Placid Talk. It’s free



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