Wisconsin 2010 Race Report Podcast and Video Series

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We have a tradition of catching all of our athletes at the finishline…and then capturing their experiences on video right away, or a few days later via podcast interview.

If you are interested in racing Ironman® Wisconsin, these podcasts especially should very valuable for you. It’s one thing to read the race report of a pro, or a super strong age grouper. It’s another to listen to the race experience of an age grouper, like yourself, and a coach as they extract valuable learning points from their race.

If you’re interested in getting a feel for the vibe of our Team, the videos will be helpful, especially the last one, a very “special” creation by the members!

Race Report Podcasts

  • Bob Arsenault: Bob is 47yo chiropractor who set a 30+ min PR at Wisconsin to grab 9th in his age group, running a 3:35 marathon.
  • Kitima Boonvisudhi: a General Surgeon from Rochester, NY, power training and racing superstar.
  • Michele Cellai: shares with us VERY valuable lessons on adjusting run pace for the heat
  • Trevor Garson: first timer executes like a vet!

Finishline Videos

The Endurance Nation at Ironman® Wisconsin 2010 Video

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