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TeamEN had 30 athletes on the course last weekend. Many of them are eager to tell their stories and we present them here to you in a consolidated blog post. Be sure to check back frequently as this will be updated over the coming weeks!

David Halligan: Coach Patrick interviews Dave about his race experience at Ironman® USA 2010. Learn how Dave really upped his game from 2008 and how his day played out across the bike (only a 3 minute positive split) and where he entered a “world of hurt” on the run course!

Dana Sharp: Coach Patrick interviews the inimitable Dana Sharp, returning to her first Ironman® after having a baby. Learn how she used the EN plans to manage her training time, and our Four Keys guidance to manage her race day! Very informative and inspirational.

Eric Voboril: Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation interview Eric about his race day experience. Eric set a big new PR and had a really solid day across the board for a self-described “average” athlete. Tune in to hear how he got it done!

Cary Blanco: Coach Patrick digs into Cary’s race story to learn more about how he leveraged the Four Keys to make his first time IM experience so powerful and rewarding!

Suzanne Kinsky: Coach Patrick finds out how Suzanne recovers from a broken elbow only seven weeks out from race day (!!!) to lay down a great first-ever (marathon) and Ironman!

Other Lake Placid Resources
In addition to the growing list of athlete resources above, there were a few other EN moments captured on audio for your listening (and learning) pleasure!

Team EN IMUSA Dinner Overview: Coach Patrick records his welcome message and quick overview of the Ironman® USA course as presented to the Team during our annual dinner. More than 80 athletes, family members and friends descended on Nicola’s to connect with one another and prepare for a great weekend. We hope you enjoy this podcast and take it as an example of how commited Endurance Nation is to supporting the Age Group triathlete – from our renown training plans to fun, family-oriented race weekend experiences!

Four Keys of Ironman® Execution, Ironman® USA Version: Coach Patrick delivers the Ironman® USA version of our Four Keys of Race ExecutionTalk, live at Lake Placid in July 2010. Patrick discusses the Four Keys, the guidance used by thousands of successful Ironman® finishers, and then describes their application, in detail, to the IMUSA course.

Like what you hear? Think you could benefit from the resources, community and support of Endurance Nation? Interested in joining our team of 400+ Ironman® and Half Ironman® athletes? Go here!


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