Four Reasons Why Team Endurance Nation is Closed Until January 2013 (And How You Can Sneak In)

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Over the course of our recent two-week membership drive, well over two hundred athletes created a free trial inside Endurance Nation. That’s a ton of new folks, but it’s a ton of real work as well. That means two hundred phone calls by me, Coach Patrick, and two hundred season plans by Coach Rich.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not complaining! The energy and excitement inside Team EN is palpable, from members both new and old. We have massive plans to make 2013, our sixth year, our best ever. And we’re kicking things off by making sure no one else can get it until January.

Here’s why…with a bonus tip on how you just might be able to sneak in if you can’t wait to get started.

Reason #1 — Integration = Education

Our commitment to making every member their best is built on our willingness and capacity to educate. Our top priority isn’t to make you faster…we help you by making you smarter (hint: the faster follows soon thereafter). The more you know, the faster you can go. Period.

The Endurance Nation training and racing system is the result of years of learning and feedback from our members. Over the years we have seen that the athletes who got the most out of their training weren’t the fittest or genetically predispositioned to success; they were actually the most diligent students of the sport.

The day we can’t properly educate our members is the day that Endurance Nation will start to decline.

Since we do things a bit differently inside TeamEN, our top priority is to make sure that you understand what’s going on in terms of your training and how to improve.  Whether it’s gains from fitness or equipment or scheduling or recovery, we need to empower you to understand all of your options and help you pick the best strategy for you and your goals.  With more than 650 athletes on the Team, we simply can’t afford to not educate our members.

Reason #2 — 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to making sure that our members are satisfied with Endurance Nation. Much like a co-operative, each member is essentially paying for TeamEN to provide the services and resources that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

This means we can provide 24 hour support in the forums, rewrite our plans every year, conduct multiple camps across the US, hold weekly coach chats, organize online race groups and monthly webinars. But it also means we are accountable to each and every person on the Team.

If we aren’t over-delivering, then we are underdelivering. Period.

We take this responsibility seriously; not a day goes by without us answering emails, text messages or voicemails (on top of the regular forum communication!) for our active members.

Just because you are joining us online doesn’t mean that you are somehow buying an inferior product or experience. It means we can do so much more, but it takes work and a relationship, and shutting the Team doors means we can accomplish both.

Reason #3 — Foundation Building Time

The fall / winter time frame represents the most power phase of the Endurance Nation training model. We literally wrote the book on off-season triathlon training, complete with our signature focus on intensity–and recovery–and we don’t want to disrupt the progress of the Team by diluting the powerful effect of a single training start date.

There’s also the social aspect of membership; which is a critical part of the Team. With everyone on a similar program through the OutSeason, it’s easy to connect around our challenge series, Project Secret Santa and other milestones within the program.

The Spring is our favorite time of year as coaches, when we get to unleash members of the Team to train with their local partners and put their fitness to the test. The positive results seen then, and carried throughout the year, are a direct result of this foundational period.

Reason #4 — Epic 2013 In The Works

In our fifth year of business we are working really hard to take the Team experience to the next level. We have invested in improving the website architecture and online experience, and we plan to bring the same level of dedication and vision to the other parts of Endurance Nation. Here are just a few examples of how we plan to crush the 2013 season.

First and foremost is our plan for the 2013 season, which includes the key races of Racine 70.3, Rev3 Quassy, Lake Placid and Ironman® Wisconsin. Focusing our attention on these events will allow us to create a memorable race weekend for everyone on the Team.

Second is the introduction of the 2013 National Rally in Tucson, AZ in March. This Team training weekend will feature workouts and workshops for all ability levels, including a final assault on Mt. Lemon!

Third, after announcing more than 10 new sponsor relationships in 2012, we’ll be adding even more discounts and value for our members. This includes a new venture with TrainerRoad ( to deliver quality workouts to all of our athletes.


Sign Up For Our Wait List (Over There!) –>

Did you do it yet? It takes all of 30 seconds and you’ll receive an invitation to create a trial membership when we open the doors in late December or early January.

The doors will be open for a week and then we’ll shut them again as we dedicate ourselves to integrating the newest Members to TeamEN.

Can’t Wait Until January?

You do have two options.

  1. Find a TeamEN member and ask them to refer you, via our Referral Program. Note: you will save BIG on your Endurance Nation membership!
  2. Purchase an EN Training Plan and we’ll send you an invitation to join the Team at a discounted rate.





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  • Jon Pettingill

    Rich, Patrick,

    I am based in Australia and note we have the opposite seasons or we are moving toward summer and ultimately our season.

    I am racing Ironman WA this year on December 9 and have completed 11 ironman races, 2 of which have been at Kona.I would live the opportunity to catch up on the phone if possible and talk through your EN philosophy and hopefully join the team as I build for Ironman Cairns in June 2013.

    I wish you and all of your athletes the best for Kona and their respective ambitions.

    I look forward to hearing from you when convenient.

    Jon Pettingill
    Perth Western Australia

    • Rich Strauss

      We do our best to call all of our trial members. Please create a trial membership when we open our doors in January. In the meantime, you can gain more insight into how we coach our athletes by taking one of our free seminars in the Free Resources tab of the website. Good luck at WA!

  • Tim c

    Hi, I’m with John, based ‘down under’ in New Zealand. The EN team looks great but wed be in our race season when your mostly northern hemisphere members are in the out season. As you say, one of the biggest things from EN is the social support and virtual ‘competing’ with other EN members on the same programme – we wouldn’t be able to join in that fun

    Or, do you have a good number of EN members in the Southern Hemisphere? Who we could team up with?

    Keen to join the team but not much point if I’m essentially still training by myself 🙂


    • patrick

      Tim, we have a few folks “down under” as it were. We’d love to have a “faction” of you down there…what can I do to get you to help kick if off? How about you sign up and then you and I can chat? 🙂 We need more folks like you b/c you all kick our soft north american butts… 🙂

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