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Endurance Nation will have nearly 30 athletes on the Coeur d’Alene course next weekend. Coach Rich will be on hand to coordinate the race weekend activities for the team and their families:

  • Thursday: team dinner at the Wine Room
  • Friday: Four Keys of Race ExecutionPre-Race Talk. Please join us at 10am at the K-Swiss booth in the expo
  • Saturday: in the afternoon you can find Rich at Java on Sherman drive. Drop in to have your IM questions answered!
  • Sunday: RACE DAY!! Look for Rich near the run turnaround and then in the finish area, catching TeamEN athletes

And now, we’d like to introduce you to some of the members of our team racing next weekend! Also, be sure to check out our tips for your Coeur d’Alene race day.

Paul Hough, Tampa, FL, age 52

Ironmans = 1 (Florida 2008).  PR = 10:33
Goals:  Considering the elevation differences between Florida and Coeur d’Alene, I think as long as I break 11 hrs I’m doing good, but I would really like to do well enough to have a shot at a Kona slot. Regardless of what happens, I’m going to enjoy the trip.

About me:  Retired from the Air Force in 2005 after 26 years active duty.  I currently work as a business manager for a defense contractor.  Except for a couple of triathlons I did back in 1980, I was a competitive runner until Sep 2006 when I switched primarily to triathlons.  I’ve qualified for and competed in two world championships (2008 ITU Long Course and 2009 WTC Ironman® 70.3). I look forward to meeting everyone in Idaho and having someone teach me the EN gangster sign!

Lisa McCauley, Libertyville, IL 42 years youngThis is my second IM and my first was 14:06 in Madison in 08. My goals are to finish  – this year I was in grad school, student teaching, raising 3 children as a single mom and training for an Ironman® – my only goal is to finish strong!  If I happen to finish better than my first, that will be an added bonus!  I’m certainly equipped to but I don’t like to get ahead of myself! I have been extremely happy with my EN training and feel very ready for this race- I can’t say enough positive things about EN and can’t wait to meet everyone and do this thing! I’ll attach a picture of myself and my training partner (who isn’t an active EN member but she bought her IM plan from you and has loved it too!) – I’m the taller one – :).
Wendy Price, 48yo, Conyers, GA This will be my second attempt at Ironman.  First was Wisconsin in ‘07, a cold & wet year.  I nearly froze on the bike and just missed the time cutoff.  I was very disappointed in myself which makes Coeur d’Alene about redemption for me.  My #1 goal is to finish with a BIG smile knowing I put forth my best effort and, most importantly, to enjoy the experience and have fun.  Huge bonus if I can finish in under 15 hours.  I’ve been to Coeur d’Alene twice to cheer friends racing.  I grew up in Northwest Montana so going to CDA feels a bit like going home. I didn’t take up triathlon when I was 41.  My first race was St. Anthony’s with Team in Training.  I lost my sister that year to leukemia and was racing in her memory.  It was a very emotional race for me and one I will always remember.  Since then I have completed 15-20 sprint and Olympic distances races, 7 half ironmans, a ton of 5k, 10k, trail races, half marathons and organized rides.  Triathlon has become my lifestyle; the way I like to live my life which means being active, healthy and taking advantage of opportunities to spend time outdoors.  I have met so many interesting and fun people through this sport.  I plan to continue training and racing as long as my body will let me!
Aaron Linkow, Denver, CO, 39 yrs old.
This is my first IM and I’m looking to 1, finish; 2, enjoy the experience; and 3, try and finish 12 hrs or less. Father of 3 little girls and they will be joining me along with my wife to cheer me on.
Glenn Cook, Decatur, GA, 55yo

I have completed one IM–Arizona last year with a time of 13:10Goal for IMCdA: would like to beat 13:10 from last year, but my goal is to have a much better run than I did at Arizona with no stomach issues and less walking. I would like to have a sub 5 hour run. I am racing IM distance to inspire my son, Sam, and all who will pay attention, that bigger things are possible in life if you are determined and disciplined. There are alternatives to watching TV and sitting on the couch which will better your life.

Mike Rudolph, age 40, Vancouver, WA
This is my first Ironman® and only fourth triathlon.  I started in the sport last year by completing a sprint and olympic distance events.  Earlier this year I finished Ironman® 70.3® California in 6:42.  My goal for IM CDA is simply to execute my race plan and finish the event.  I anticipate my finish time will be about 15 hours.
Two years ago I weighed over 300 pounds and my health was rapidly deteriorating.  I was showing signs of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.  I had to get my life and health under control.  Thanks to a great doctor and weight loss program I made some serious lifestyle changes.  As the pounds started coming off, I increased my physical activity starting off with just walking around the block.  Pretty soon I was able to run a quarter mile without stopping.  After 3 months I completed a 5K event running the entire distance.  Ten months later I completed the Portland Marathon in 4:27.  I realized that the time was now to shoot for the full Ironman® and declare victory over my battle with obesity!!! Congratulations everyone!  I look forward to an amazing event.
Al Truscott, Gig Harbor, WA, age 61
This will be my 18th IM, 8th @ CDA. My best on this course: 11:29; my PR: 10:55
  1. Don’t fall asleep on the swim
  2. Penalty-free bike (I got one each of my last two IMs)
  3. Run time under 4:01 (the Boston qualifying standard for my AG)

My last four races at CDA were 1st, 8th, 3rd, and 1st in my AG, the last setting the course record for M60-64.

Tom Nelson, San Diego, CA
First Ironman, goal is to finish in EN style!

Michele Moreno, Madison, WI, age 40
This will be my 3rd IM.  I finished Wisconsin in 2006 and 2009. In 2009, I PR’d by 90 minutes, finishing in 12:54.
My goals for the race: 1) finish, 2) negative split the marathon, 3) enjoy the day
I’m looking forward to meeting some of the EN team members!
Jay Lakamp,  53 y/o an EN noob, Portland, OR
I’ve lived in Portland Oregon since 1984. I’m a husband, father of 4, and a Critical Care RN.
I’ve done Sprints and Oly’s for only the last year and a half, >30 marathons and one in Ireland, and this will be my 1st. IM and setting a PR.  Goal is to finish with praise on my lips for God, a big smile on my face, and sportin’ the EN gang sign.
I was born and raised in CdA and I’m coming back home for my first IM and doing it the right way, the “EN-way”.  The only family I will have in town is the EN gang and a few on the Coeur d’Alene iAmTRI group. All of my support in the CdA area is coming down to Portland for a wedding the day before the race.
Carrie Larson, Gypsum, CO, age 41
IM CDA will be my first IM
My Goal is to Finish and be Smiling!!!
My Goal is to raise money & awareness for FirstDescents.org. I have 3 amazing boys and an awesome husband who are supporting me in this adventure. Excited about going to Coeur D’Alene and meeting everyone with EN
Carly Morse, Pullman, WA, 29 (just barely! My birthday was Tuesday)
The picture attached is of my sister and I after finished the Shamrock Half-Marathon this last March.Coeur d’Alene will be my first Ironman.  My goals for the race are to make the swim cutoff, the bike cutoff and then finish!

Donna and Martin Rice, New Braunfels, TX
This will by my fourth!!!!!! Two Floridas, one lottery slot at Kona, and I’ve NEVER been fast – I believe in getting my money’s worth – SPEED KILLS!  IM’s  have always been great fun and I’ve learned to just enjoy the day. For me, getting to the start – I’ll take whatever the day brings.  I was a  late comer to any fitness, and after taking on a new job three years ago, I had let myself get pretty bad out of shape.  I could barely walk a year ago due to knee and back pains from sitting so much. So my race time will just be what it is, I’m just thrilled to be back on the fitness bandwagon and getting to play with all the cool kids.My husband Martin is also racing – makes for interesting times around the house having both of us training for an Ironman. We have both thoroughly enjoyed have triathlon as a big part of our lives for the past 10 years and it has paid out in making us healthy, happy people. Races are the icing, fitness is the cake.  Can’t wait to meet the EN team.

Bart Bybee, age 48. Southlake, Texas
CDA will be my 6th ironman.  1st was CDA in 2005, since then I have done Placid, Florida, Canada and Placid a second time. PR was 11:09 at Florida in 2007. My primary goal is to not walk on the run. I’ve been able to run the whole way for my first 5 IMs and I don’t want to break the streak now.  I’m kind of superstitious about not setting time goals for IM races, but anything under 11:30 would qualify as a really good day for me. I’m really looking forward to this race, because this will be my first IM racing with a power meter.  The meter helped me significantly at a 70.3® earlier this year, with a bike PR and some extra gas on the run so I’m really curious as to what it means for an IM.  I’m also a little nervous because I’m changing my fueling plan to try taking on a few less calories.  It’s worked well in training, but I’m still anxious.
Dominic Malleo, Morristown, NJ, 37 yo
Coeur d’Alene is my fourth IM and 3rd under the EN banner. My previous finishes were Lake Placid 2007 (12:52), Florida 2008 (11:26 – PR), Lake Placid 2009 (12:50).My goal or “one thing” for Coeur d’Alene is to finish sub-12 hours.  My split goals are: 1:10 swim, 6:10 bike, 4:30, which are all at the top end of my current fitness levels and the swim and run would be IM PR-splits for me. I’ve finished with a smile on my face in the past.  This year I want to see how hard I can push myself in the second half of the marathon. Normally I travel to races alone, but this year I’m really fortunate to be able to bring my wife Tracie along. Tracie is going to be volunteering at run aid station #1 for the early part of the run this year, so I’m sure everyone will get a little extra cheer when they pass by. Unfortunately given the distance from home in NJ, we have to leave our four kids at home with Grandma and Grandpa.  I know they’ll be watching on the computer – last year they were able to see me finish before bedtime and I know they’ll be begging to stay up and watch again this year.  They’re good little motivators!

  • sailnfast

    So inspiring to read all of your bios! Leave it all out there on race day and most of all have a blast! And Donna, I think I've found a new signature line: “Races are the icing, fitness is the cake”!

  • sailnfast

    So inspiring to read all of your bios! Leave it all out there on race day and most of all have a blast! And Donna, I think I've found a new signature line: “Races are the icing, fitness is the cake”!

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