2014 Rev3Dells – Meet Team Endurance Nation

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Meet some of the Team EN members competing at Rev3Dells 2014!

Chris Ciannella

I’m from New Lenox, Illinois – a southwest suburb of Chicago. I’ve been doing triathlons since 2010 and this will be my third HIM and first Rev 3 race. Spent 2011 and 2012 with multiple injuries – back and knees. Came back in 2013 and did Steelhead. I’m a great swimmer, better than average cyclist and a very slow runner. I prefer to call it jogging, not running – haha.

Been following EN since 2010, and signed up in Jan-14. I wish I would have joined long ago.

Training was going great until April when my calves started acting up. Got the calves to finally work by the last week in May. Opted to forgo the HIM distance and switched to the OLY distance. No need to risk further injury since my A Race is IMWI…see you out there Team!


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